Vector Logo Designer Reviews

Vector Logo Designer Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-31

About: Vector Logo Designer is a one-of-a-kind app putting full logo design power at
your fingertips. Seamlessly and simply create custom graphics or logo designs
while letting your imagination run wild.

About Vector Logo Designer

Vector Logo Designer comes with an overflowing, radiant library of color palettes and a color palette generator, so you never have to sacrifice on color combinations.

The options are endless, with full libraries of pre-made logo templates categorized by industry, a library of categorized vector icons, collections of hundreds of fonts and cool text features, and so much more to explore.

Vector Logo Designer is a one-of-a-kind app putting full logo design power at your fingertips.

Vector Logo Designer is making waves in the app store by including this essential feature for the first time at your fingertips.

One element sets the robust logo design app apart from conventional logo makers: the shape builder tool.

Add an infinite number of colors to a palette, and we'll automatically generate colors that compliment your choices and then save your custom color palette to use in other projects.

The Gradient Tool and Color Picker give brilliant, vibrant, or dramatic life to your design.

You can also upload photos and convert the image colors into a custom color palette.

Our first-ever built-in Virtual Stylus gives you all the freedom and power to make effortless, beautiful designs on your device by allowing you to see exactly where you're drawing and helping you accomplish tasks in tight spaces on the canvas.

Seamlessly and simply create custom graphics or logo designs while letting your imagination run wild.

The sophisticated shape builder tool allows you to smoothly create complex objects, selecting, merging, or erasing as you please.

We offer multiple color pickers to choose from, including wheel, RGB, HSB, hex board, and palettes.

We take your freehand drawing to the next level with smart guides for stable, precise strokes, and the app auto connects to other strokes so you can freely lift your pen and seamlessly resume drawing on the same path.

Whether a design professional or an entrepreneur, anyone can create successful, splendid, and eye-catching designs that look expertly crafted.


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3.8 out of 5



I REALLY want to like VectorLogoDesigner., a LOT. Three things take this from being sublime to painful, though. First, you can’t scroll your view of the image; you can only move it around. This makes for some weird snapping issues, so you spend lots of time just trying to deal with it and leaving it centered. Second, when you export your image you can’t export a jpeg or other rasterized format in any arbitrary size. It’s a vector, so let me be as wasteful with my memory as I want. And third (...and the one that really crushes my soul) is that there’s no cloud storage or, apparently, backup of any kind. I had several hours of work on an image when my phone reached a point that it needed a factory reset. I backed up my phone, did the reset, restored from the backup, and promptly discovered my image totally sucked into the void. Nothing. The idea that it wasn’t even saved on my backup (done via USB) was a complete deal breaker for me. I really liked it, and was even willing to use it on my phone despite the funny view issues, but I’ve gotta find something that treats my data like it might be important to me. #crushed #ItsNotMeItsYou


Needs major work

Bought the year long subscription a week ago, and I’m already regretting it. VectorLogoDesigner freezes constantly on my iphone 13, it’s user interface is confusing, and trying to use tools can be a nightmare. It’s not intuitive, and the experience overall isn’t pleasant. I’m actively looking for another app, because there certainly must be something better. That’s not to say it isn’t functional, but you’d likely be better off with another service for anything professional grade.


Pleasantly Surprised.

This is by far the best FREE graphic design app out there. It’s still feels unpolished but for what it is, I was able to create a professional looking logo in just a few hours. I haven’t even tried using it on my iPad to see if it would be easier to use than on my iPhone.


Poorly documented, buggy, glitchy

Really wanted to like VectorLogoDesigner.

Good respect for privacy, fair price, and great UX (in the preview photos).

But, VectorLogoDesigner is sadly a buggy, glitchy, hot mess. Random lines and segments disappear when applying a gradient. I’m unable to select interior spaces. The subtraction tool (when attempting to refine stuff) just moves things.

And the worst part, there is no good documentation for the iPhone version. I reviewed the website documentation, and the iPad version they show isn’t translating well to the iPhone.

So, sadly, I’m cancelling this subscription and deleting VectorLogoDesigner now. I can’t use it to get anything productive done.

Don’t bother with a canned developer response asking me to file a bug report.


Used to be great…

Back when I first got VectorLogoDesigner I paid $5 to unlock all the different icon packs for life. Now I return to VectorLogoDesigner and they want me to pay a subscription just to export my svg icons that I paid to unlock? Not to mention all of my designs have been deleted! It’s a great app, but they burned past customers in pursuit of a subscription model!


Ghosted after asking for refund

Had a technical issue which they responded to very quickly. Never got to use it due to the issue I was having and thought I canceled. Well they still charged me $29 and when I emailed them for a refund still haven’t heard from them. I would suggest vector magic better layout but mostly because it’s only $10 a month.


THIS is your next logo app

Amazing app that has everything you'd need to make awesome logos. Fonts galore! Objects and badges galore! VectorLogoDesigner puts a lot of the logo apps out there to shame. I was lucky enough to catch VectorLogoDesigner for free, but it's easily worth $5.



All I want is my old vector design program on the “other” platform. Could have whipped this out in 10 minutes. Sigh. VectorLogoDesigner is limited on its vector art, and the shape I finally decided to make do with is bugging out. Pastes a large and a small version of the same shape, locked together. Starting over fresh, I’ll update if it works.


The Go-To Logo Design App

I love VectorLogoDesigner because navigating through it is easy. I also found that this design app has the option to arch the letters. It has badges, icons, and preset shapes. All great for marketing! The go-to logo design app!


My opinion

Wonderful app just need more icons an objects


Not worth it

This was a $2.99 app that I accidentally download but figured since it was my fault I would give it a try. I can not import or export any files to work on. There are no instructions and when I emailed for support I got no reply. I hope they enjoy my $2.99. I do not recommend VectorLogoDesigner. Much better ones for free out there.


No way to cancel during the 7 day free trial

I signed up for the 7 day free trial and quickly realized this isn’t what I needed. Unfortunately it seems difficult to cancel from within VectorLogoDesigner itself. I am also struggling to find any contact information for support.



I got VectorLogoDesigner and it just kept throwing my screen like black and white when I didn’t pick that color and it just ruined my art so that’s why I don’t recommend it for ANYONE sorry to ruin ur dreams get some other app 😡😤


What is Wrong With the App!?!

As soon as I click VectorLogoDesigner it brings me to a blank screen and I can’t do anything. Really wanted an app lime this and mow would rather pay for one ten times better!!


Import option does not work

Hey, Import option is not available. Only reason I bought it. Cheers.


False advertising

VectorLogoDesigner claims in app purchases, but immediately opens to a 3day trial forcing you to subscribe to VectorLogoDesigner for a yearly price. Apps that use falsehoods like this should be removed in app purchases are add on content not subscriptions or flimsy trials.


ALL work disappeared

All of the logos I created over the past year are suddenly gone after the last update. Very disappointing and frustrating.


Definitely not

Downloaded and deleted twice, both times I couldn’t get the font to load. Don’t buy. Wasted $3.


Update Ruined my designs

The current update ruined each one of my designs! I would not recommend VectorLogoDesigner.


iap bought

education icon is already free
construction icon is already free
romance icon is already free
business icon is already free
baby icon is already free


Free option not really free

I downloaded VectorLogoDesigner from AppAdvice, thinking it would be fun to make some cool logos. And since I could get free lifetime access, I figured this was a no-brainer. Buuuutt, as soon as I clicked the link for the free lifetime access, I was charged $9.99 by Apple. Where I come from, that’s not free. And now I have to hassle with my CU to get this canceled. Wish I could design a logo to portray how very disappointed I am!


Seems gimmicky

I got the pro version, which VectorLogoDesigner states ‘includes all features.’ However it doesn’t include any AI functionality. If you aren’t including AI in your pro features, maybe don’t say that pro includes all the features… especially when your main selling point is that it’s AI driven…


Need to pay again after lifetime purchase

VectorLogoDesigner asks for further payment for using features after lifetime purchase. Not good!


powerful mobile app

Good tools and a good UI. Just a shame when you have to pay for VectorLogoDesigner , and pay for credits for AI scripts, and sometimes the screen just goes white for a few seconds and takes your token but doesnt produce art. Lost 6 tokens today with no art gained. Needs a patch.

Is Vector Logo Designer Safe?

Yes. Vector Logo Designer is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 165 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Vector Logo Designer Is 62.8/100.

Is Vector Logo Designer Legit?

Yes. Vector Logo Designer is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 165 Vector Logo Designer User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Vector Logo Designer Is 76.9/100..

Is Vector Logo Designer not working?

Vector Logo Designer works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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