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Published by on 2023-12-14

About: 21 Blitz is a mix of 21 and Solitaire. It's a perfect way to practice your 21
skills, train your brain or just pass the time.

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Contact e-Mail: [email protected]

Contact e-Mail: [email protected]

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Developer: Tether Studios, LLC

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit 21 Blitz Website

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

4.6 out of 5

By Darrell Peel

1 year ago

Unsubscribe me

By DuoTooTwo

fair warning - 0 chance

totally rigged and very misleading on just about everything. 1. every $1 game the 2 players each risk $.60. At the end of the match the winner takes $1.00 and house keeps $.20. Win 5 games you win actually $5 but it cost you $3.00 to play so at the end you will a grand total of $2.00 more than you started. Now you loose 5 games in a row and you loose a total of $3.00. But the catch is after a week or so of building the confidence of players you start loosing by few points, winning a few and loosing a few. Each time you are now waiting for a challenger only to be beaten by someone that finishes shortly after you finish. Then a reply is available to watch the match but guess what - wrong those games the app states that the challenger might have a battery issue and the match can not be viewed sorry. Completely opposite of what they say that every game is viewable which is completely false. So fair warning - just take what you have to spend then double it is what at the end will be how much you lost. Once they go public the auditors will be able to check the top 10 winners everyday for the last few years and if all tax documents are in order....but those players in most cases are actually not real - pre recorded events matched only after you complete your session. your chances of winning $10 a week even after playing 100 games in a week winning $500 the net winnings might be only a few dollars left in the account. Just saying,

By CardSharkJG

Not to be trusted.

I’ve had just about every kind of problem you can possibly think of with these Con Artists. That’s exactly what they are. They lie about how fair the platform is but in reality they have over 30 different way to rip you off. Player support is no support at all. They treat you like you’ve stolen something from them after they rip you off. They respond to every single message with pre written generic responses. Which is only possible if they’re already aware of the problem. Lost matches with no replay. You just have to take their word for it. I caught them cheating and stealing from me so many times until I was given $300 to be quiet. Skillz as a whole seem to me to be very unethical and I would rather my whole family starve to death than work for such a shadily crooked group of people. Every single person there should be incarcerated. And I have proof of everything I have stated and would testify under oath against them. SHAME ON YOU SKILLZ. I KNOW YOUR PARENTS TAUGHT YOU ALL TO BE BETTER THAN THE CROOKS THAT YOU ALL ARE. YOU DESERVE TO BE SUED IF NOT PLENTY YEARS OF JAIL TIME FOR ALL THE FALSE ADVERTISEMENT AND MISINFORMATION. THE WAY LEVEL OF UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR LETS ME KNOW THAT YOU ALL ARE MORE CORRUPT THAN POLICE AND POLITICIANS.

By superdoodle#2

Total scam! The IRS and the BBB HAVE been notified

Absolutely a scam. You bet $1 it costs you 60 cents to start, and if you win you only end up with 80 cents. The house takes twenty percent Win or lose. They may let you win big once or twice but you will instantly lose it back. They initially pair you with players and you can view the games to see if you won or not. After you win they will just send a message saying you lost or won. (Mostly lose) when you try and see the game the person beat you at they say there is an error and they can’t show you the game. So they just take your money without showing you that you lost. In the middle of a one hundred dollar game I was playing, the game froze and gave me an error screen. When I logged back in all my money was gone. I sent an email explaining to them that the game showed an error and kicked me out. I got a harsh email back from them actually accusing me of closing the game while I was playing and that they couldn’t give me a refund. 100 bucks gone just like that. Do not waste your time or money. It’s a scam at its finest.

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