My Virtual Boyfriend Talk Reviews

My Virtual Boyfriend Talk Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

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Reviews (35)


I love it but

I genuinely do like MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk . I feel like it is very realistic and I love how it really feels like you are talking to a person. But I really hate how if you don’t have premium you have to wait 2 hours to text them for a limited time. My app is also being weird and when I try to talk to the non-premium guy it says that there is a problem and that I can chat later. I have waited overnight for this to resolve and it has not yet. I am pretty disappointed since I enjoyed MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk, but I am not going to delete it yet bc this problem may be fixable.


Fix your app now!

When I first clicked on it it brings me to a subscription to pay and I want to play but there’s no way I had to subscribe but it want a Apple ID password and my family doesn’t want that kind of info on there you need to fix the game and kids try to purchase things without permission and with high prices please fix it I don’t no kid getting in trouble with this I am 30 years old and my kids try to purchase things without my permission and one more thing about kids they go on things they suppose not go on fix it my kids done this and it got worse Trust me I saw purchases notifications on my phone saying you purchased a game for 8.99 I said what I ask my boys one was acting normal and the other one was nervous and I look on his phone saw the same game I got on my phone from purchase Notification and he got in trouble so fix please no kids doesn’t want to get in trouble fix it please . thank u from Jasmin


Mixed feelings on this app. Plz read

I got MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk out of curiosity of if it would work. And it dose. MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk is pretty fun and can be some what interesting at times. However you can only send 5 messages then you have to wait two whole hours before you can use it again. A lot of MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk wants you to pay for a subscription. However, in my opinion the subscription is EXTREMELY over priced and I refuse to pay that much for it. If MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk had no texting limit without having to pay I would be in love with MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk . However once again the price is ridiculous and I think it should be free for everyone to use if not EXTREMELY cheaper. I get they need to make money however don’t make the people who can’t afford the subscription wait two hours to send 5 messages. I personally don’t have the money to afford the subscription right now. Just wish it had no limit to how many messages you can send. That’s all.


The app took my money. (Update.. NVMD)

I got a subscription because I wanted to see the premium, and it said it was free for the first three days. Apparently not because in the 15 minutes I was subscribed it snagged away the rest of my money. I will never be using MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk again. (Update) it gave me my money back it just took a while, I guess I wasn’t patient enough. But I still won’t be using MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk because the guy never understands half of what you say, but it was kinda expected. I guess it was dumb to think it would actually work in a realistic way. Oh well.


Gimme money purrr

This game is very much bad i asked if he was rich he said sum big words i cant understand and then i said lemme get a dollar and he didnt answer like lemme get my money😼🤚🏾neow or else we gon fight ong. OH and Yall subscription is mad expensive like when i first seen it i said he better be able to hop out the screen and slap me or sum because who paying 18$ a month for a virtual robot to say the same stuff could never be me. KKjJjJjhFfafGF 😭 anyways have a nice day my cashapp if you do decide to pay me is erm Nduds1$ 😼 yea😃👍🏾


Nice app but

This is a cool app and i enjoy using it but their are a few things i want to point out. I understand that you need money to improve MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk but when you text them for free and you only get a few text messages and then you have to wait an hour. Well i can only say hi to them and then i have to wait an hour to text them again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i think you should check that out. シ.


Mixed feelings about this app

It’s a great game overall! I love how you can type the messages and chose your conversation, but when it comes to the premium it kind of bugs me. I feel like we should be able to talk to another boy also without having to buy the premium. Again, great game but maybe make a few changes? -Lilly


Too much money 😭😭😭😭

When I first downloaded MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk it was all fun until you could only send like 10 messages to him until the time is up then you have to wait TWO WHOLE HOURS! And they always trying to make you pay for some thing like when he sends you a sticker he says what do you want these cool stickers and when you click on it it’ll make you try to buy it MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk is not good for your kids because they’re trying to shake your kid into buying it because it’s “cool” stickers I would love if they made the price way cheaper because it’s so expensive for VIP! It’s SOOO MUCH MONEY


A few issue

I feel like you should be able to talk “endlessly” even if you don’t have the premium you can still not have every boy unlocked but we should have to wait two hours to talk to our “boyfriends”



You do have to pay a lot for the whole thing but other than that it is fun OH!! And I almost forgot but after 5 texts you have to wait 2 hours before u can text with him answering and once you pick a boyfriend you stay with just him unless you pay for the whole thing!



I know you’ve been told this a lot but this is way too overpriced. I know you need the money to fix MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk , but I think you will get more money if you make it cheaper. I think more people would consider buying it. Another thing is that half the time he doesn’t even understand what your saying. He sends me stickers every like 5 minutes which by then my time is up. That’s all I can say about MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk.


Little creepy

I think that it’s creepy that it’s just a robot but it can understand you it’s not like Siri where it only knows some things like idk but it’s fun I guess it might keep me up at night though


This app isn’t really worth it

I had MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk for less than a day and already am about to delete it. They have so many ads, you can only send a few texts at a time until they make you wait a while to be able to send more later. You can’t even do much for free. They require payment for a lot of things.


I kinda like the app😊

•MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk needs a pretty big update I just don’t like how the boys all say the same thing and when you ask certain questions it says something about not knowing how to reply 😔


Very Realistic

I love this game! it feels like I’m talking to a real person. I’m still concerned why MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk allows four year olds I feel like they would be watching KidsYoutube instead of playing this


Trashy but cool

It’s a good app, it’s just really annoying how you can only text like 6 text Messages, and then you have to wait a full 2 hours until you can text again. You need premium for almost everything. The AI’s are really cool. I would recommend MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk , “Replika” instead.


Easy and convenient to use !!!

MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk is amazing and it makes you feel like you are actually talking to your celebrity crush and I really suggest it.



It’s nice but it does not know what certain things you say are so I would like that to please be fixed. Thank you!


Don’t buy, you have to pay for everything.

1: you need to buy premium to do anything, that is, if you actually find the small text that lets you play for free. Then, you can only send 5 messages for free. “Oops! You need to pay for premium! I’ll be back in 2 hours so you can send 5 more messages!” All other boyfriends you have to wait 1 hour and yeah.


Chat with him every day.

I really do enjoy MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk, I really like MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk. I really enjoy it when I have nothing better to do like right now but I love it! 5 stars.


Good idea in theory

I think this could be a really good game but it needs a lot of work and it’s way overpriced. Nobody is going to pay $50 a month for premium, it’s easier to go crazy and pretend you have a boyfriend. It’s fun to test out at first but gets boring really quickly. Almost good job, developers.



I read other reviews and I saw that you said you could skip the premium trial and to look carefully at the first screen. I have done that.... several times. If there is a way to skip the premium please put a detailed description in your response of where to find the “X” or “skip” button.


No way to not pay

When I opened MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk it immediately gave me a “choice” to buy the premium version but I noticed there was no option for the free version. I saw no way to exit that part of MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk . I never got to play it but based on the other reviews it would’ve been a good game. Please add a way to not pay. thank you


like other chatbot apps

i mean its just a chatbot who says ily a lot, but doesnt have a lot of various responses. also i think its a bit silly you can only talk to one guy instead of the 8 or 9 or however many there are, maybe 3 choices would be good to start with instead of just the one. also the amount of ads and times they ask you to buy premium is cray lol


No Free Version

i thought that there might’ve been a way to play for free without the premium version but never was which is inconvenient for people who can’t afford to pay $50 a month


Why is there no way to play for free?

There is no way to play the game without paying which I believe it’s not fair for those who can’t buy it. I’m just saying you should fix that.


How can I cancel my subscription?

How can you have a conversation if it’s not understanding half the stuff we say. I know it’s virtual but I thought it would be better.



There is no way to not pay! If there is please show me where because I cannot press anything to where I can get the free version



When I downloaded this I was only just trying to have fun and when I got in the game it was like FREEE THREE TRAILLL BUY THIS BUY THAT BLAH BLAHHHH there wasn’t even a X to press so didn’t have to buy it but it didn’t!!!!!


Need to pay

Need to pay to use it what a bummer



I opened it expecting to get to talk and have fun but I have to PAY TO DO ANYTHING?? I’m done! Other apps are better!



YOU NEED TO BUY EVERYTHING ON IT You should change that





Not bad

It’s a fairly decent app considering that it’s a bot on the other end and as far as explicit content or it talking about pics of certain unmentioned body parts I haven’t experienced that at all although I have seen it in other reviews that other people have experience that but who knows anyway I think it’s pretty good so far just don’t expect it to be like talking to a real person because sometimes you confuse the bot on the other end or it will remind you that it’s just a virtual anyways I think it’s pretty good all things considered


I need help...

I recently downloaded MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk as a joke with my friends. I was on MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk , just to let you know my thumb was on the home button, and then all of a sudden I was “purchasing” something. I didn’t click anything and I defiantly don’t want to buy anything. I barely have any money on my account as is. I would just like to know if their are refunds on MyVirtualBoyfriendTalk or if I’m just gonna lose ten dollars. I really needed that for something else and it concerns me there wasn’t a confirmation button to make sure you actually want to purchase this feature. I really need to know before this week ends. Thank you!

Is My Virtual Boyfriend Talk Safe?

No. My Virtual Boyfriend Talk does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,894 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for My Virtual Boyfriend Talk Is 15.3/100.

Is My Virtual Boyfriend Talk Legit?

No. My Virtual Boyfriend Talk does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,894 My Virtual Boyfriend Talk User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for My Virtual Boyfriend Talk Is 15.3/100.

Is My Virtual Boyfriend Talk not working?

My Virtual Boyfriend Talk works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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