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2. What is DBP Weight Scale?

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1. This app is used to connect bluetooth weight scale and collect data back to DBP solutions.

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Product Details and Description of DBP Weight Scale

This app is used to connect bluetooth weight scale and collect data back to DBP solutions.

Top DBP Weight Scale Reviews

  • By Conspirator boi 36

    Do not get

    I have had this app for about 30min and I can already tell that something weird is going on. I’ve seen shadows dash around corners and heard footsteps and rustling just near me. But I think I know what’s going on. This app was created by lizard people to secretly give the government our addresses and info, of course in exchange for more of the key resource the lizards need to survive: Icelandic kelp. Trust me, don’t get this app. Just looking out for you all. The government is probably already sending someone to “handle” me, sovrxtvohvlbkkkkkkkkfffxxccv ):$:$;!bsjsjm ;&&;@;jdjdn In case it’s unclear this is a joke, I’m not insane or anything

  • By Sweet southern girl


    THIS WORKED SO WELL I GOT IT RIGHT IM 100 kg the name is one ☝️ was my name on it I love 💕 I’m gonna the new app you certainly don’t want me too much and I wanna is a bit too much to play for the first day and I’m gonna the day you are free for the first play in this song I am a bit disappointed with it but I can’t play it anymore I broke my iPad

  • By CaseRaptor97774


    The government is behind this app and epic games is covering up for them. Due to the unfortunate event I decided to end it all. Also I work for the CIA I know the government is up to no good. They are sending lizard people to interrogate people and ruin their lives. Because of this Heinz the ketchup company from 1869 is being sued for $1,000,000. The lizard people like Heinz so because of this the lizard people are attacking the people who don’t like Heinz. So all of this evidence leads to one thing... The Bite of 87(FNAF) This was all a joke... Except for the ending it all part... Goodbye world Props to the other guy who inspired my review.

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