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SwitchBuddy funktioniert nicht

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About this app

Track upcoming game releases - view screenshots, trailers and more about games that you will be able to play soon!  Transfer screenshots, view them in the gallery, follow Switch-related news / videos & more!  View the screenshot & videos you transferred in a convenient gallery; items are grouped by game and can be quickly shared.  Themes inspired by Mario, Splatoon, Animal Crossing, and Switch OLED are available.  Favorite the games for quick access and to make them available for Home Screen countdown widgets.  Scan just the first QR code to transfer from your Switch console.  Get all the extras and remove limit of favorite games with optional subscription. Playing on a TV?  No problem, with zoom you can comfortably scan the needed QR code from your sofa. diese App is free without any ads.  Stay up-to-date on the newest game releases, reviews, hardware, and much more!  You can transfer up ten screenshots or a single video.  Select Photos or iCloud Drive as the export destination.  Make the app yours with themes and alternative icons.  You can unlock extra themes by tipping. 

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