Scanner Club:numériser le doc Critiques

Scanner Club:numériser le doc Critiques

Publié par on 2021-11-12

Scanner Club is a powerful scanning app that turns your phone into a walking
scanner. It can easily scan documents such as pictures, invoices, contracts,
letters and other paper docs with your cam, convert text photos to PDF or
JPEG.Support for export sharing, fax printing, online transm...

Scanner Club:numériser le doc Critiques

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    Well designed and very useful.

    Smart and Intelligently designed App.

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    Muy buena

    Me gusta

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    Nice app to have I love it

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    Scan to PDF

    Very useful app

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    Saved history

    I started using Genius Scan for work, but quickly realized it could be used to preserve my family history. When larger desktop scanners failed to produce the quality I needed to keep the handwriting, this app (the free version) worked magnificently. My wife scanned my grandmother’s scrapbook of my grandfather’s WWII photos and her handwritten captions. With a little help from photoshop, she was able to reprint the handwriting onto archival paper and place the pictures back with the captions. Without this app, my family would have surely lost the little we had left of my grandmother.

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    Life saver...

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    GS Rules!

    Use it daily!

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    Simple Versatile PDFs for emailing

    I use this to take photos w my phone camera and turn them into good quality black and white pdf documents. I use crop feature to make nice rectangles, and the black and white filter hides any evidence that you produced this image on your phone. Major BONUS is the ability to make multi page documents and easily re-arrange the page order, snap multiple pics of the same page and easily choose the best and delete the others within a multipage doc. I email the pdfs from the app to myself so I can utilize them on my computer etc.

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    An essential for teachers who have students with special needs

    I have a student who is legally blind. This app has made it so easy to make sure she has access to what she needs. For example, our vocab book does not come in digital format. This student needs text at a size 40 font, which isn’t feasible to print, so she needs it in pdf form and then she uses an app to write on the pdf, genius scan makes it so easy and fast to get her what she needs, also the black and white function makes it even easier for my student.

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    Continuing to be one of the best apps ever

    This is a straight forward, easy to use, great app. I can’t say it any better than that. It’s easy and it’s useful and I can’t do business without it. I continue to be pleased that even if the company does an update - they DON’T manage to mangle up the stuff that makes it great. That’s in fact a rarity with technical groups these days it seems - and I’m delighted. Keep up the good work and thank you for a functional and easy to operate application that works for me, across the board. A++!!

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    Excellent-friendly-easy to use!

    Excellent excellent app and super easy to use!

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    Love it

    Super simple and good quality scans

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    Best free scanner app!

    I researched a ton of scanner apps, this one is so easy to use and so clear. They are constantly finding ways to make it even better too! If you need more capability than the free app, there's a few more things it will do for a couple of bucks! I liked it so much when I needed to fax something, I downloaded Genius Fax and it works really well too, the app is free and the per page fax price is less than the cost of gas or time to go find a fax service!

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    College Students get this now!

    I use this app all the time to quickly scan stuff from home because I'm too cheap for an actual scanner. That being said 90% of what I do doesn't require a super high quality scan so this app is my default, and for just using your phone's camera its does a really great job. One thing, just put your papers (or *wink wink* textbooks) you're gonna scan against a dark background and it works every time.

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    Great features

    I’ve tried a few apps, primarily for simplified accounting purposes-work expense, FSA and occasional signature forms. I find that the captures are easy to read and printable. Very clear to create PDF documents. And, for me, the most Important feature is the multitude of ways to export newly created documents or photos; easy to email or upload to cloud services and pass along. Especially with work accounts that are maybe more rigid to upload to.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Scanner Club:numériser le doc customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact Scanner Club:numériser le doc directly

Est Scanner Club:numériser le doc Sûr?

Oui. Scanner Club:numériser le doc est très sûr à utiliser. Ceci est basé sur notre analyse NLP (Traitement du langage naturel) de plus de 391 avis d"utilisateurs provenant de l"Appstore et la note cumulative de l"Aappstore de 4.7/5 . Score de sécurité Justuseapp pour Scanner Club:numériser le doc Est 57.7/100.

Est Scanner Club:numériser le doc Légitime?

Oui. Scanner Club:numériser le doc est une application totalement légitime. Cette conclusion a été obtenue en passant 391 Scanner Club:numériser le doc avis d"utilisateurs via notre processus d"apprentissage automatique NLP pour déterminer si les utilisateurs croient que l"application est légitime ou non. Sur cette base, Justuseapp Score de légitimité pour Scanner Club:numériser le doc Est 57.7/100.

Est Scanner Club:numériser le doc ne fonctionne pas?

Scanner Club:numériser le doc fonctionne la plupart du temps. Si cela ne fonctionne pas pour vous, nous vous recommandons de faire preuve de patience et de réessayer plus tard ou Contacter le support.

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  1. Tirer les problèmes rencontrés par des utilisateurs comme vous est un bon moyen d"attirer l"attention de Scanner Club:numériser le doc à votre problème en utilisant la force des foules.
  2. Nous avons développé un système qui tentera d"entrer en contact avec une entreprise une fois qu"un problème est signalé et avec beaucoup de problèmes signalés, les entreprises seront certainement à l"écoute.
  3. Surtout, les clients peuvent apprendre des autres clients au cas où le problème est un problème courant qui a été résolu auparavant.
  4. Si vous êtes un client Scanner Club:numériser le doc et que vous rencontrez un problème, Justuseapp n"est peut-être pas le moyen le plus rapide et le plus efficace pour résoudre le problème, mais au moins vous pouvez avertir les autres de l"utilisation de Scanner Club:numériser le doc.

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