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Style DNA funktioniert nicht

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Want to dress with confidence, style outfits, and look amazing? It’s time to
get your AI personal stylist & outfit creator. Tapping into your appearance DNA
is the key to your style formula.

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Developer: DNA Style

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About this app

All the pictures you’ve taken are saved in the app by our virtual shopping assistant. • Buy clothes and shop smart anywhere, anytime with your personal shopping assistant using your color palette, personal style book, and guide from Style DNA. • Get styling and fashion tips from your own individual stylist, tailored to what is most flattering for your body and style type. • Read more about your color type, including seasonal color typing, individual color pallets, and the prints and fabrics that suit you best.  From business casual outfits to wedding dresses and everyday styling, you’ll see thousands of filtered options from fashion brands to suit your color type and body type. • Discover items from your favorite stores and brands with your personal shopper. • No matter your figure: hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, thin or plus size.  Our online stylist shows you how to makeover your style and comfortable wear clothes. • Shop by personal color palette, thanks to digital color analysis, to see items that will perfectly complement your skin undertone, thanks to your style profile. • Manage your individual color palette if you really like a specific color.  Get your own style guide. • Favorite items in your smart wardrobe to get style advice on how to combine them with your existing clothes into new outfits. • Elevate your wardrobe using a virtual closet organizer.  It reveals the best colors, cuts, fabrics, and fashionable prints that flatter your body type to help you choose the right clothes and daily outfits. • Explore your personal catalog for clothes shopping with different outfit ideas.  Save your favorite clothing and never lose track of your virtual closet. • Take a photo of any item in the store to know if it suits your style profile and figure type.  Style DNA is like having a style book, fashion adviser, personal stylist, and personal shopper right at your fingertips.  Combine all stylish items in your digital wardrobe, becoming your digital dressing room, virtual outfit finder, clothing generator, and professional wardrobe assistant.  Our AI personal stylist combines the expertise of world-renowned image consultants with cutting-edge styling technology to analyze your unique features and complexion.  Save time, shop smart and manage your styling and wardrobe with our outfit creator. Sounds like magic? Not at all.  It’s time to get your AI personal stylist & outfit creator.  Want to dress with confidence, style outfits, and look amazing?  Check similar items, and see outfit suggestions before you buy them. • Don’t lose your shopping history.  Take a photo of any item from your current wardrobe and see trendy ready-to-wear outfits styled for you.  Style DNA is fashion powered by technology.  Unlock yours with our personal styling and image consulting App! 

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