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À propos: Zoopla Property Group Plc is a company that uses digital media to assist in property searches.
Siège social: London, England, United Kingdom. Property Search Captures d"écran


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Keep the UK's most comprehensive selection of prime properties with you at all times. New features make it easy to search, save and be the first to hear about new properties you're interested in.

With PrimeLocation's updated app, compatible with both iPhone and iPad you can easily access the most up-to-date market information, view available properties and contact local estate agents to help you find the home you deserve.

What makes our app so useful?

- The ability to manage your home search from any device

The addition of MyPrimeLocation, and the ability to sign-in, allows preferences and favourites to be viewed or set, for access via your PC/Laptop, iPad and iPhone.

- It's got more

PrimeLocation covers over 95% of the UK property market. So you've got a million properties or more to browse whenever you wish.

- Brighter pictures

Our carousels show you bigger and brighter pictures so you can really see what you're after.

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