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1. T Avatar is a photo production software that makes user-selected photos into beautiful looking images for users to use on their own social software.

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T Avatar is a photo production software that makes user-selected photos into beautiful looking images for users to use on their own social software. This is a very intimate software.

1. A variety of templates, you can choose, there are "couples", "cartoons", "festivals", "cute", "space", "flowers", "personality", "weather" and other categories

2. Beautiful stickers make your photos look better

3. Beautiful filters make your photos unique

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  • Par Genell Eisikovitsh

    Great for managing my IG account! Works well.

    it does what I want, and it does a better job too! Highly recommend! Will definitely share this perfect app for instagram for anyone who needs as me.,I've tried many apps before, until I realized that there are apps people use that robotically follow, then unfollow within 48hrs - - just to boost their numbers. (They typically have thousands of "followers".) These apps periodically get banned by IG-- as they should be to try to keep things real. With this app it's much easier to know. This app works when others didn't, price is good, information is good, each thing you want to add costs a little more money but they built a nice platform. I could think of a few things I'd like it to be able to do, follow or unfollow. At first I wondered why anyone would want to know who unfollowed, but I can safely say that this one is the best and I'm happy, never seen such a good app and all such features! Works good, but I'd have to charge them for my ideas. With minimal permissions that provides useful info that doesn't take over and auto-like

  • Par Ceceila Thurling

    The new update is awesome.

    it does everything I need and it does it well. Thank you to whoever created this app,This app has been updated and now works great. It gives accurate information, this app allows me to do just that. It really helps me get rid of followers I don’t need and allows me to unfollow them back, I wanted to see who my ghost followers were and who followed and unfollowed me, follow if you like. I don’t like how people try and gain you as a follower by following you and then they unfollow you. You know there are pages that follow you just to follow back and then they unfollow after a week. This app solves that problem. And I was following too many people to see what the ones I cared about were posting. This is great, especially since I never really acknowledged my unfollowers. That is why should be fair to share this, it is highly helpful and recommendable as well. ?????

  • Par Bricyn Coate

    Works perfectly for my needs

    I strongly recommend. Get it now if you dont have it , I promise it won't dissappoint you???????✌,Very pleased with the app. It does all that I need. It's one of the best unfollower apps I've ever used, it has a whitelist options to prevent unfollowing your favourite pages and celebrities. It shows you who's not following you back and who you are not following. Shows you mutual followings too. You can even add your profile to gain followers. You tey and check who's unfollowing you or who doesn't follow you. I tried this app for a couple of days and paid when I was happy with it. All in all this app is really good, it has that shoutout option for growing profiles, i like it mainly because it keeps recent unfollowers longer than the rest, no ads like other similar app I've ever tried so far. You need this app in your life if you have instagram

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