Waking Up: Guided Meditation Critiques

Waking Up: Guided Meditation Critiques

Publié par on 2021-11-04

Discover daily mindfulness and meditation with Sam Harris—neuroscientist,
philosopher, and best-selling author—and explore the theory behind meditation
practice. Daily guided meditation sessions, lessons on...

Waking Up: Guided Meditation Critiques

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    J’ai trouvé cette application via waitbutwhy de tim urban. J’étais intéressé de loin à la méditation sans jamais pouvoir trouver une méthode qui me convienne, laissant tomber cette pratique plusieurs fois. Ici on commence par une série de 50 leçons de méditation guidé de 10min. Après cela une méditation guidé différente est proposé tous les jours. De mon expérience les 30 première leçons ont été les plus dur, ensuite la pratique deviens enfin seconde nature. Merci à Sam Harris pour cette initiative.

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    Excellente app

    Je pratique la méditation depuis une dizaine d’années et j’avoue avoir été vraiment bluffé par l’app de Sam Harris dont j’écoute par ailleurs régulièrement le podcast. J’en suis à la leçon 5 et c’est du très très bon! à la fois précis dans les instructions et aussi très profond (c’est ce qu’on aime chez Sam). J’aime aussi son approche non conventionnelle qui se différencie de la plupart des app traditionnelles qui répètent toutes la même petite musique. A préciser, l’app est en anglais uniquement (du moins à ce stade).

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    I struggled trying to do it by myself. Having a guide voice, I’am talking for a beginner, is a better way to learn it and to focus more.

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    S’abonner pour un seul mois ?

    Bonjour, Il y a une unique formule d’abonnement pour 1 an. N’est t’il pas possible de s’abonner pour un mois seulement ? Merci

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    I have tried so many meditation applications but this one is the best. Why? Mainly for two reasons: one, in the introductory course, Sam will give you clear instructions and tips that will truly help you in your meditations (it is not about visualization and wishful thinking I would say but about techniques closely related to mindfulness). Second, the “theory” lessons are very interesting: it is like attending meditation and philosophy classes. I also like Sam’s laid-back style in these classes. I really really recommend the Waking Upp app, as some of the concepts have really changed my mind and how I view life in a very short period of time. It also helped me escape a depression in very difficult times! Keep up the good work Sam and the team!!

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    I waited a long time for this app to come out and have not been disappointed. I even upgraded my phone because the app wasn’t compatible with an older IPhone 5 OS. Greatest decision I could have made. This course has allowed me to integrate a daily meditation into my life (a new 10 minute session everyday gets my back to the app every morning) and I listen to the lessons several times and find I understand content at a different level as I progress in my practice. I cannot recommend this app enough. I am so grateful to Sam Harris in a way that goes beyond words. So I will settle for simple Thank You.

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    This is just life altering

    I am so grateful to have introduced this in my life. The clear, articulate and elegant discussions about meditation have been a joy to listen to and absorb. It is a treat for the mind -and the ears, Sam is as always so breathtakingly eloquent!-. The guided meditations have been somewhat of a revelation of the possibilities of consciousness to the skeptic that I am. In short: a life changing practice guided by the insights and thoroughness of Sam Harris. The work this guided meditations must have taken behind the scenes must be outstanding!

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    Very good app!

    I’ve done some meditation in the past and also once went to a retreat for 10 days. I’ve struggled with the regularity but Harris got me back on track with this app. It’s good that the sessions are rather short and that Harris gives instructions and comments all through the session. One might think that it’s disturbing, but the point, I think, is to use the sessions like lessons and then practice on your own, in your own tempo. Thanks! /Linus

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    Amazing guide for meditation

    This is an amazing guide not just to learn how to meditate but how to better understand the mind. It has helped me achieve more clarity and focus than I have had in a long time. It also gives me hope that with continued commitment I can become the master of my own mind. I am deeply grateful to Sam Harris for having created it. It is such a great gift to share with the world.

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    This is the most amazing app for meditation, it's clear and concise and thought provoking, but in a light gentle way. Everything is well though out and makes you want to meditate and release inner thoughts, to feel more light and at ease. Thank you so much and there is still more of the app for me to explore.

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    I have tried a number of apps and the most perfect voice and words for guided meditation are those of Sam Harris. Love it! Totally worth the wait :)

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    Very good ap but

    I really enjoy Sam Harris approach on meditation as well as his voice , and the didactic pattern of the meditations BUT I am quite disappointed with a bug that is preventing me to play the downloaded meditations when in air plane mode. I wanted to send a report to the developers but didn’t find a way to do it on the ap so here I am :)

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    Great app

    This is a terrific app. Great content that gradually allows you to sink in and let go. And Sam’s voice is very soothing. Worth the wait! Thank you.

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    Nice to be guided

    It’s been a long time I want to come back to guided meditations and this app is really doing the job !

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    Used to be a gorgeous App

    Now it's ugly as hell. Not sure what's going on. The content is good tho.

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