5 Minute Journal: Self-Care Critiques

5 Minute Journal: Self-Care Critiques

Publié par on 2021-11-13

The Five Minute Journal uses proven principles of positive psychology to make
you happier in 5 minutes a day with the guided gratitude journaling format
“There are plenty of benefits to journaling, whether you take time to write
out your full thoughts or just spend a few minutes jottin...

5 Minute Journal: Self-Care Critiques

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    Application agréable

    Simple à utiliser, plus pratique qu un cahier , on l’a tt le temps avec nous. Le fait de mettre une photo chaque jour est super aussi. Je recommande

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    Super application

    Je l’utilise maintenant depuis un an et j’en suis super content. Cette dernière mise à jour rend l’application très agréable à utiliser sur un iPad Pro. Merci aux développeurs !

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    Super !

    Facile, rapide, simple. Juste ce qu'il faut !

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    Un must-have !

    Excellente application qui permet de commencer la journée avec de la gratitude et un état d’esprit apaisé ! Je l’utilise tous les jours. Je recommande vivement cette application 😇

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    Appli très sympa

    Au top, je l’utilise tous les matins pour mon miracle morning !

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    Mon coin de bonheur

    Outils pratique qui entraine l’esprit à se tourner vers le positif de notre vie. Ma gymnastique quotidienne que je retrouve maintenant chaque matin avec un grand plaisir !!😊

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    Greediness is not mindful

    If you’re going to introduce a subscription model then at least can you please add new features? Adding a photo to a journal entry was already available and now you make a “feature” that you have to pay for 25e annually… It should only be acceptable for a subscription to be available if you’re going to add new features. As much as I love your paper journal, as of now, this app is not worth it and nobody should support these type of business practices - where you create loyalty with customers and then try to milk them shamelessly. Not to mention that the ones who already own the app and used daily will have to find an alternative, the old app was perfectly fine. You just added some cosmetic changes and are asking for more money. The new design is great and thumbs up to the designer, but the marketing person who’s idea was to introduce a subscription… well…

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    Perte de toutes mes données

    Magnifique mise à jour qui m’a fait perdre toutes mes données et impossible de les restaurer. Cette app n’est pas fiable

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    App is not working on my iPhone

    Everytime I tried to log in by using email or Facebook I get “Whoa! Request failed, please try again later.” I’ve never experienced anything like this by downloading any app. Please advise.

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    Since the new updgrade I have lost my 4 year of journaling

    Hello, since the upgrade done this week I have lost all data from 4 years and the support has not answered my message. It was simple and efficient and now the new version is more complex and with annual subscription instead a one time payment as before. It’s a shame to delete clients data and ask for a price increase. I am very disappointed so I will use another solution. A lost of 4 years of journaling is a lot.

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    Quite practical

    This app is quite practical, it allows you to de to do your journaling at home, on your way to work, wherever you have 5’ to spare. One thing that i find is missing it’s a little column witch allows you to put out some random notes in case you need to write down things/ events / frustrations of the day.

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    Great app but plz add customization

    Hi, The app is amazing, very simple yet with a great and appealing design. And it has successfuly implemented the best tips from positive psychology. However, TO IMPROVE IT, I would love to be able to customize the fields so I can add whatever I want. Like maybe I want to write 10 things I’m grateful for, not 3. Or maybe I want to just write a paragraph about my day, etc. Anyways thanks for the awesome app!

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    Simple and powerful

    Has really changed my life.

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    Very disappointed.

    Igot this app 1 month ago and I did pay for it which included writings, picture sharing ... And now since the new update, they cancelled all my writings from the past month, now I’ve got to pay AGAIN if I want to include pictures, the app became more complicated...

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    Great App that allows me to do a 5-minute Gratitude entry every morning and evening, to keep me in a healthy and grateful mindset 💗

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