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Welcome to Nanni AI – your AI-powered parenting assistant, featuring baby cry
translation, daily routine logs, and milestones tracking. Formerly called Baby
Cry Insights.

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About this app

Expertly crafted with input from real-world baby cries, our AI will help you improve your baby’s sleep and well-being by unlocking patterns and tracking significant achievements in your baby's life, while giving guidance on why your baby may be crying and offering valuable recommendations on how to soothe your baby and stop the crying.  With AI advancements, not only can you interpret your baby's unique cries, you can also monitor their essential developmental milestones and track their sleep, feeding schedule, and diaper changes, ensuring you never miss a moment of their growth.  This comprehensive app serves as a powerful parental monitoring tool that not only informs you about levels of distress, but also encourages engagement with your baby's growth accomplishments, making it an indispensable partner for parents.  Welcome to Nanni AI – your AI-powered parenting assistant, featuring baby cry translation, daily routine logs, and milestones tracking.  Nanni AI is a revolutionary tool for parents, combining the innovative feature of baby cry translation with an all new baby tracker and milestone log.  Nanni AI is much more than just a baby monitor, offering a multi-layered glimpse into your baby's communication and development.  Your valuable feedback plays a crucial role in refining our cry analysis technology with innovative solutions that could potentially improve the lives of countless newborns.  Formerly called Baby Cry Insights.  When you choose Nanni AI, you become a part of a broader mission.  Your interaction with our app drives Ubenwa's research forward, helping infants across the globe.  Want to share your feedback and suggest new features?  Together, we can extend our impact and together, build a healthier future for all babies. 

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