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Über: mobile app the faithful companion for every business event which has
been organized with the run.

Über run events mobile app the faithful companion for every business event which has been organized with the platform! Whether you're an attendee, sponsor, exhibitor, or organizer: mobile app is must-have during the event.

The mobile app takes over the visual identity of your event, enhancing attendee experience and strengthening the bond between your event and its attendees.

Just scan the badges of other attendees, and you're connected instantly! Chat, share profiles, and keep your business network alive not only during the event but also in between events.

For event organizers, mobile app offers powerful tools to communicate with the attendees.

If you are using Event Management Platform, the mobile app is simply a must-have.

From browsing the event agenda, marking favorite sessions, checking out speaker profiles and session details, to participating in session chats, you'll be plugged in to all event activities.

Attendees can add event tickets to their Apple Wallet, promoting your event's brand and making the check-in process a breeze.

Send targeted push notifications, create engaging in-app banners, collect real-time feedback through surveys, and respond swiftly to your attendees' needs.

Sponsors aren't left out either! Lead retrieval becomes straightforward with the app.

Plus, it's fun! Collect coins by attending sessions and visiting sponsor booths, then trade them for exciting merchandise and giveaways.

Leads can be sorted and qualified immediately in the app, making your post-event lead management much easier.

Our advanced networking feature takes your networking game to a whole new level.

As an attendee, you'll always know what's happening next.


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