Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun Bewertungen

Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun Bewertungen

Veröffentlicht von on 2021-03-25

Learn & practice your speaking, reading, listening and Korean writing skills
with Lanny – the chatbot tutor. Have a chatbot tutor in your
pocket! --- Looking for a live chatbot app to learn the Korean language? Want
1 Korean learning chat app to learn & practice: .. Korean reading .....

Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun Bewertungen

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    Die App ist so cool und hilfreich aber sehr schade das man es teuer bezahlen muss kann Man es nicht etwas mehr freischalten ?😕also die Leveln ?

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    Great idea but ...

    I think the creator is on to something here. Unfortunately the price is just far to much for the given content ...that is only scratching at the surface. For over 50€ I would expect at least to buy every current lesson and not just a 12 month subscription where you can not be sure if the will be any extending content update.

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    대박! Really helpful!

    안녕하세요! Hello! I'm learning Korean since almost a year but had a few problems because my Korean learn book isn't well structured! Although I knew some things it was great to refresh them and the different "units" are well structured! All the questions I had could be answered with this app. I also contacted the developers of the app because I had some questions and I got a very nice and helpful answer! 😊 There are a few chapters with interesting aspects of the Korean culture, typical food and the ways of behaving. 👍🏼 For a monthly price of 4.99$ (could be a bit less or more, don't know the exact price 😅) you can use every lesson you want, otherwise you can only use the first lesson of each chapter. For myself, it's worth the price! I can recommend this app for sure - well structured, good to understand (I'm from Germany and I don't have any problems with understanding), cute layout/design,...👌🏼

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    정말 재미있어요! <3

    안녕하세요 여러분! 저는 마이케예요 :) hi everone!! this app is (besides ttmik) a really fun and awesome way to learn Korean! it's starts with the 한글 course (to learn how to read, write, and understand) (the other great thing is that they DON'T use romanization! which is very good because there a many variations of romanization for the Korean words.. and that doesn't makes it easy to actually learn Korean properly. so definite thumbs up for NO romanization!) and offers a bunch of other courses to slowly master Korean :) your little helpers name is Lanny (라니) and it helps you go through every single course with explanations,audio, quizzes, vocabularies etc! you can try it for 7 days for free but if you want to explore everything in this app you need a monthly-pass (4,99€/$) or for a year (19,99€/$) but this is so worth the money! and it's in English - so you should be able to speak/understand English ^^;; I'm from Germany and I love to study in English as well to always refresh my English vocabs -so it's perfect to do a bilingual/trilingual thingy! eggbun is so far my favorite and I can't wait (with weekly updates for improving) what they have in store for us!! keep up the good work and thank you all for reading my loooong message! :) 화이팅! 안녕 ~

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    I'm a University student and always on the move, so it's super convenient for me to study on my phone. Plus the classes are amazing and this is a lot of fun! Definitely recommend it to everyone who seriously wants to study Korean. The prices are also fair 🤗

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    Very creative and fun to play but...

    Loosing concentration isn't possible in my case at least. The design is so creative and cute constructed that I am not able to lose interest at all! Very good! And for the constructive Setting: Learning while chatting is something new to me and therefor I can't stop but admire the hard work! But on the other hand the lessons are too rushed. Learning vocabulary can be quite difficult if one isn't a fast learner. If a had to give a lead then I'd say that the app should also show how to pronounce the consonants with some picture of the jaw with its tongue and teeth. And to top it off the app costs some money to unlock every lesson, but not everyone is willing to pay! Therefor taking the costs down would be a lot more better for attracting people.

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    Great app!

    I was scepter at first but now I am convinced that there is a good learning curve while writing, listening and interpreting. I enjoy learning some new words and the way it explains how the letters got their name and how they are properly written and spelled. I am excited to see some progress!

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    Very fun app!

    I just started the app and it's very fun to learn with it! Also those additional facts about Korea are very interesting. For me, the app is very impressive and also easy to use. I will most probably get the payed pass! I like it! Thumbs up! 좋아하는

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    Great App!!

    If you want to learn Korean I highly recommend this app! It's very cute and it really helps you! Looking forward to learn more Korean ^ㅅ^~

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    Love it!

    I learnt the numbers 1-10 in only a few minutes! I really love everything! 👍

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    Very good

    The step to step learning is very helpful... it's also fun to learn it

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    Nice app

    It's really fun to learn by chatting

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    Really great app to get a headstart! Loving it.

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    Great app!!

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