Espresso from The Economist Avis

Espresso from The Economist Avis

Publié par on 2023-02-20

Espresso is a rich, full-flavoured shot of daily global analysis from the
editors of The Economist to get you up to speed, fast. Maximise your
understanding of the most significant business, economic, political and cultural
developments globally. Manage your time effectively with a conci...

Espresso from The Economist Présentation

Espresso is part of The Economist newspaper, which offers award-winning global analysis of everything from business, finance and politics to science, technology and economics.

Espresso distils the latest global news and provides bite-sized analysis of the biggest stories of the coming day.

Espresso summarises the latest news and highlights the most important stories of the day ahead in business, finance and politics.

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Pertinent et très pratique

Très bonne appli ! Articles bien choisis et format hyper agréable ! 100% efficace dans mon RerA matinal.


A good read at breakfast

The App allows to keep up with events and if there is more time the link to the article gives the possibility to go deeper, an ideal combination with a digital subscription.


Content is great, Technology can get better

Content is just as good as we can expect from such an institution: sharp, concise, and diverse. Sometimes you feel The Economist does not describe the same day than other newspapers, as so many news/countries are only covered by The Economist

The app can get much better: it consumes too much data! While daily content from other similar apps (that look even better than Espresso!) are smoothly downloaded, it always takes too much time for Espresso content to be downloaded (and 100% of the time I see the exact same message: « Sorry things are taking longer than expected. You may want to try later »).



Enjoying the Economist’s Expresso

Diverse and quick reads, some without big news, some surprising, others giving food for thought, and driving me to dive deeper into a topic.


My day’s first reading

Excellent to catch up in 5-10 min and share with friends.

Quotation of the day remarkably good.



No more free articles?

Since the last update, it seems you stopped offering 1 free article per day. That’s too bad… If we’re interested but not by everything, it’s 13€/month or nothing! I would be willing to pay something, but clearly not that much considering my very limited usage.



A great way to catch up on the latest news. Short and to the point, The Economist style.


Great news

Great app for morning quick news


Espresso - an excellent shot in the morning

Highlights with the right doses on world events. A fast read. Highly recommended.

Where is the page with world exchanges and currencies?


Richness source of newwords

It’s an amazing « place » you can collect your necessary news and new words.
Une tasse d’espresso for new days!


New version doesn't work

Pretty good app /well curated news, but since the latest upgrade last week it won't even open. Tried deleting and re-installing but still doesn't work.


Ads are intrusive

The content of the app is great but the constant full-screen ads are much too intrusive for a paid-subscription app.


Morning ritual

It glitches now and then but it’s my pré coffee happy start to the day .
I don’t like Sunday mornings!


Economist daily expresso

Well written and focused snippets of up to date news. A good start to every day. Edward Donelan, Paris


Short, succinct and relevant

A good start to the day



You should put data on bonds’ rate at the end with equity and forex data



I absolutely love this app. Love the global overview.


Still crashes...

The update unfortunately didn't solve the problem.


Good job, editors and devs

Great content and a well-done app. The negative rating is to protest at the ads



I open my eyes in the morning, drink my tea and turn on espresso (with a capital E). Reassured my day begins.


Good app

Really good



Great app, great concept. Just waiting for iPhone X update.

Est Espresso from The Economist Sûr?

Oui. Espresso from The Economist est très sûr à utiliser. Ceci est basé sur notre analyse NLP (Traitement du langage naturel) de plus de 931 avis d'utilisateurs provenant de l'Appstore et la note cumulative de l"Aappstore de 4.8/5 . Score de sécurité Justuseapp pour Espresso from The Economist Est 71.5/100.

Est Espresso from The Economist Légitime?

Oui. Espresso from The Economist est une application totalement légitime. Cette conclusion a été obtenue en passant 931 Espresso from The Economist avis d'utilisateurs via notre processus d'apprentissage automatique NLP pour déterminer si les utilisateurs croient que l'application est légitime ou non. Sur cette base, Justuseapp Score de légitimité pour Espresso from The Economist Est 89.9/100..

Est Espresso from The Economist ne fonctionne pas?

Espresso from The Economist fonctionne la plupart du temps. Si cela ne fonctionne pas pour vous, nous vous recommandons de faire preuve de patience et de réessayer plus tard ou Contacter le support.

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  1. Tirer les problèmes rencontrés par des utilisateurs comme vous est un bon moyen d'attirer l'attention de Espresso from The Economist à votre problème en utilisant la force des foules.
  2. Nous avons développé un système qui tentera d'entrer en contact avec une entreprise une fois qu"un problème est signalé et avec beaucoup de problèmes signalés, les entreprises seront certainement à l'écoute.
  3. Surtout, les clients peuvent apprendre des autres clients au cas où le problème est un problème courant qui a été résolu auparavant.
  4. Si vous êtes un client Espresso from The Economist et que vous rencontrez un problème, Justuseapp n"est peut-être pas le moyen le plus rapide et le plus efficace pour résoudre le problème, mais au moins vous pouvez avertir les autres de l'utilisation de Espresso from The Economist.

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