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New from Bitwarden, provider of the password manager trusted by millions, Bitwarden Authenticator generates verification codes for two-factor authentication, ensuring your identity is verified when you log into accounts. Using industry-standards, Bitwarden Authenticator supports any website or application that uses TOTP. ADD AN EXTRA LAYER OF PROTECTION Generate verification codes to ensure your identity is verified, keeping your sensitive data out of reach of imposters. UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY Bitwarden Authenticator uses industry standard methods for verification code generation, so it will work with any website or application that utilizes time-based one-time passwords. EASY TO USE A simple, intuitive design and straightforward interface makes it easy to start incorporating authentication into your digital life Bitwarden empowers organizations to secure passwords, developer secrets, and passkeys. Visit to learn more about Bitwarden Password Manager, Bitwarden Secrets Manager and Bitwarden!

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