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diese App AI helps you make incredible images with AI, straight out of the (prompt) box. Create beautiful designs and artwork with simple, easy-to-use features like a magic prompt expander, filters, and multiple aspect ratios, No annoying ads to watch, no confusing settings to mess with, just a clean and easy way to make your imagination come to life on screen. With the official diese App AI app, here are some amazing things you can make, without ever needing to know how to draw or paint or even take great photographs: Beautiful artwork for your home, office, or even your phone wallpaper Logo designs for your business Designs for print-on-demand businesses, like a floral design for a tshirt – and you own all commercial rights Fanart of your favorite books, anime, movies, and TV shows (especially with our “Photorealism” filter that specializes in celebrities) Characters and settings for your favorite tabletop role-playing games, like Dungeons and Dragons Concepts and brainstorming for paintings, photography, and other fine art Hyper-realistic AI photos and portraits Illustrations for childrens’ books, coloring books, essays, more Key Features: ** Make incredible images with AI: diese App’s AI art generator and editor uses a state-of-the-art AI model found in no other apps or platforms, so you know you will get unique and captivating art drawings in seconds. ** Find, save, and remix amazing AI art with the community feed: Whether you’re a beginner or an expert with AI art and images, learn for free from diese App AI’s community of experts. In the Community tab, find the top-rated images among the millions made on diese App each day. Save the ones you like and try “use prompt” to start with that image’s prompts. ** Take a magic wand to your prompt with Expand Prompt: Skip using Chat GPT or Bing to create your prompt – instead, just type in a few words and use our magic “expand prompt” button to let AI create a more detailed prompt. And, if English is not your native language, write your prompt in your native language in the prompt box, and Expand Prompt will translate it. ** Pick from a variety of styles and aspect ratios: diese App’s AI photo and image generator lets you experiment with different styles, from anime-like characters to mind-blowing photorealism, and play with 5 different aspect ratios. ** No ads, no complicated settings: Never watch a spammy ad again while you wait for your images to generate. ** Hyper-realistic AI photos: diese App’s AI photo generator can produce hyper-realistic, high-resolution photos and images from your prompts. Skip the expensive photoshoot for your advertising campaign, and use diese App AI instead. ** Share your creations and go viral – or impress your group chat: once you’ve crafted that perfect image or design with diese App AI, share it directly from the app to iMessage, text, WhatsApp, Slack, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, or wherever you like to post images. Creating AI-generated art, images, graphics, and designs has never been easier on your phone. While many other AI image generators use versions of models like OpenAI’s Dall-E and Stable Diffusion, diese App AI has its own state-of-the-art model specifically trained on billions of data points to make incredible art from just a few of your words. And with millions of users on web and mobile already, we’re just getting started. Sit back and let diese App AI be your best illustrator, artist, designer, and collaborator to bring your visions to life. We value your feedback! If you have suggestions or feedback to make the diese App AI app better, we’d love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected], or leave us feedback within the app itself – we read every piece of feedback you send us! Our terms, conditions, and EULA can be found here: https://diese

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