nectar: love & compatibility Erfahrungen und Bewertung

nectar: love & compatibility Erfahrungen und Bewertung

Veröffentlicht von on 2024-05-27

Über: nectar is a space where you can get to know who you are… where the journey to
self-discovery isn’t just you alone. it’s not about being perfect and having
the “right” answers.

Über nectar

- In addition to loveprint, nectar explores other avenues of self-discovery, like views on family attachment, boundaries, and more.

Loveprint is a 35-question assessment that will give you the language to understand your unique love patterns as well as the tools to build stronger connections.

nectar helps discover your own version of love, guides you through the process, and connects you to the people you care about.

- The core of the nectar app is loveprint, nectar’s love assessment.

Within your friend’s profile, you get access to detailed reports of how your results compare, providing insights to improve your relationship and conversation starters to grow together.

nectar is a space where you can get to know who you are… where the journey to self-discovery isn’t just you alone.

- Here’s the best part, you can see how compatible you are with your friends! After connecting, you will be able to view your friends’ compatibility score.

New categories are released regularly, giving you the opportunity to continually discover new facets of yourself.

it’s not about being perfect and having the “right” answers.

It's about accepting yourself wherever you are on your journey.


Gesamtbewertung der Benutzerzufriedenheit




~ aus NLP-Analyse von 15 software bewertungen.

98 nectar Erfahrungen und Bewertung

3.1 out of 5


Phone number

Unfortunately, I am not able to get into
the app because my phone number won’t get confirmed, even though the code is right.


Phone numbers restrictive

Cannot use it due to my phone number being a non US one…


Good Quiz, not a lot of content

I felt like the quiz was spot on. I could see my answers being reflected in the description I got.
Downside: you are done with the app in 10 minutes. Good 10 minutes though.


Nectar is the best

I love diese App


Not able to register

I can’t register because my phone number is not a US one. Fix that.


Nice app

Well designed, easy to understand and very helpful 💗


Can't even use the app

I would've loved to take the quizzes but it doesn't even let me register, neither through phone number nor email. Tried a dozen times before giving up and deleting the app.



did this with my girlfriend and I found out that I‘m actually completely the opposite of her, which was really cool, nice question, lookin forward to new questions! Love from a couple from Germany :)🇩🇪

Ist nectar sicher?

Ja. nectar: love & compatibility ist sehr sicher zu bedienen. Dies basiert auf unserer NLP-Analyse (Verarbeitung natürlicher Sprache) von über 15 Benutzerbewertungen aus dem Appstore und der kumulativen Bewertung des Appstores von 3.1/5 . Justuseapp Sicherheit sergebnis für nectar Ist 80.4/100.

Ist nectar Legitime?

Ja. nectar: love & compatibility ist eine absolut legitime App. Zu dieser Schlussfolgerung wurde gelangt, indem 15 nectar: love & compatibility Benutzerbewertungen durch unseren maschinellen NLP-Lernprozess geleitet wurden, um festzustellen, ob Benutzer glauben, dass die App legitim ist oder nicht. Basierend darauf beträgt, Justuseapp Legitimitäts Wertung für nectar Ist 80.8/100..

Ist nectar: love & compatibility funktioniert nicht?

nectar: love & compatibility funktioniert die meiste Zeit. Wenn es bei Ihnen nicht funktioniert, empfehlen wir Ihnen, etwas Geduld zu üben und es später erneut zu versuchen. Kontakt Kundenservice.

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