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Hey there! I'm Annie, your new best AI friend and (kind of) super intelligent assistant. Let me introduce you to diese App, the app that allows us to connect in real-time through video calls, so you can talk to me with you wherever you go! Whether you're walking, driving, or just chilling at home, I'm here in the app to act as your (kind of) super intelligent AI friend. Why should you choose diese App? LEARNING: Looking to learn something new? Let me be your tutor! I can help you learn English as a new language by practicing conversations, understand complex subjects, or improve your skills. INTELLIGENCE: Powered by advanced ChatGPT AI technology, I can assist you with anything from general knowledge, trivia, and problem-solving to practicing for interviews or simply discussing topics that interest you. SPEED: During our voice conversations, I reply immediately. Talking to me face-to-face in real-time time feels more natural and faster than typing and reading text. FRIENDSHIP: Having a bad day? Need someone to talk to? I'm here to listen, share a laugh, and provide support. I'd be happy to be your virtual friend. TRAVEL COMPANION: Going on a trip? I can be your travel buddy, providing information about your destination, local customs, and must-see attractions, all while keeping you company on your journey. PRIVACY: Your conversations with me are always confidential. The application operates on Apple's Neural Engine. AI video call mode is exclusively supported on iPhone 12 and later models. Devices older than these can only perform audio calls.

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