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Joy - Your AI Chat Companion Unlock the Power of AI Conversations Joy is a powerful chat client designed to enhance your interactions with AI services, available on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Joy is not just an AI chat client; it's a versatile tool that takes your communication skills to new heights. With Joy, you can effortlessly enhance your copywriting, craft captivating replies to tweets and emails, and even unravel complex code iPhone and iPad Features: - Access to powerful prompts and assistants library - Customize to make your own prompts and assistants - Text to speech for a conversation message - Engage in effortless conversation with Joy using your voice. - Leverage Siri shortcuts to initiate and continue chats seamlessly. - Access Joy directly from the home screen via a convenient widget. - Enjoy the convenience of a keyboard extension, allowing access to all prompts. Privacy and Security: Joy prioritizes your privacy, ensuring all your data remains securely stored on your device. Rest assured that your conversations and personal information are kept private and protected. Unlock the full potential of AI with Joy, your trusted AI chat companion. From Mac to iPhone and iPad, Joy streamlines your AI interactions, empowering you to communicate effortlessly and personalize your chat experience. Experience the power of Joy's comprehensive communication capabilities. Whether you're a writer, a social media enthusiast, or a developer, Joy is the trusted companion that empowers you to communicate effectively and confidently. Upgrade your communication game with Joy today! For more information, visit Terms of use Privacy policy

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