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Über: Meet Nibble – enjoyable, short, and interactive lessons to build intuition and
problem-solving skills. Our lessons combine the best from different learning
styles and empower you to gain more knowledge in less time.

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Nachfolgend finden Sie unsere wichtigsten Empfehlungen zur Kontaktaufnahme mit Nibble: Your Bite of Knowledge. Wir führen auf den direkten Seiten ihrer Website Vermutungen durch, um Hilfe bei Problemen wie der Verwendung ihrer Website / App, Abrechnungen, Preisen, Verwendung, Integrationen und anderen Problemen zu erhalten. Sie können eine der folgenden Methoden ausprobieren, um Nibble: Your Bite of Knowledge. Finden Sie heraus, mit welchen Optionen Ihre Kundendienstprobleme am schnellsten gelöst werden können..
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Developer: TrmApps Dev

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Nibble Website besuchen

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Gemeldete Probleme: 4 Kommentare

3.5 out of 5

durch Anthony Kent

vor 4 Monaten

I am so TIRED of all of this. Either clear this up IMMEDIATELY or REIMBURSE FOR EVERYTHING I HAVE FORKED OUT SO FAR. I have tried contacting someone PERSONALLY, but this seems to be impossible. I am either referred to some assistance site, Just Answer, for which I am supposed to pay, or no one answers when I call a number I finally located in San Francisco. Here my last emails, which have thus far remained unanswered. ANTHONY KENT Dec 28, 2023, 02:34 GMT+2 A follow-up: As I was sending this mail, I happened across your first confirmation of my purchase back in JULY! This means I have been UNABE TO USE YOUR PRODUCT SINCE JULY. Let’s get this remedied and get me money back for time unused. Anthony Kent Am 28.12.2023 um 01:32 schrieb ANTHONY KENT : Hello! Nearly three months ago (!) I registered for your product and was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I have not been able to access it since then - or at least hardly at all. I don’t really recall, because it has been at least several months since I could access it. I tried resetting my password, but you sent me a link that was only valid for a very short time. Unfortunately, I do not spend the entire day on my laptop or iPhone waiting for mails to come in for me to act upon. It is now Dec. 28th. I have two requests for you, perhaps three, maybe even four: 1) Help me to finally reset my password, so that I can finally take advantage of what you have to offer. 2) I would appreciate a REFUND for this past quarter which I have been unable to utilize. 3) If this is not possible, and I am unable to finally gain access then I wish to t CANCEL my membership = NOT RENEWING as of Dec. 29. 4) I would appreciate it if you would contact me ASAP to let me know how things will be proceeding. Many thanks and best wishes for the New Year. FURTHER UPDATE: 1) I was able to reset my password, but I am still unable to access anything. I get offers either for a 7-day free trial or for a reduced fee for your services. 2) I have been registered since July but have practically had NO ACCESS WHATSOEVER. One of the few responses I received to my complaints and requests for assistance was that NO REFUNDS ARE GRANTED. BUT IF I NOT BEEN ABLE TO USE ANYTHING BECAUSE OF YOUR INABILITY TO GET ME ACCESS, THEN I THINK THIS WOULD BE MORE THAN THE RIGHT THING TO DO ON YOUR PART. If not a refund, then an extension of six months AT NO FURTHER CHARGE. Of course, if I continue to have no access, none of this matters at all. 3) I do wish to cancel my membership asap, even if you are finally able to assist me. This whole matter has been ridiculous and a total waste of my time. If I cannot be refunded, THEN I EXPECT TO FINALLY HAVE ACCESS and that with no further complications. 4) It would be great if someone would contact me, but it has again been days, and I hear nothing. My telephone number: Germany => (from the States) 01149 172 38 38 628. Alternatively, do you have a number I can call?!? On the other hand, I have already wasted so much time, I don't see the reasonability of my having to pay to contact you to finally get this matter resolved. PLEASE RESPOND! PLEASE RESPOND! Anthony Kent

durch marbro97

Kündigen viel zu schwer

Finde nirgendwo Infos wie man es kündigt. Die Inhalte sind gut aber zu wenige für den Preis.

durch Noralla21

Langer Test

Erst muss man einen ewig Inge Test machen, um danach zu erfahren, dass es wirklich viel kostet. Hätte man auch anders herum machen können.

durch tulu420


dachte das wäre wirklich ne coole Idee, um nach 10min Quiz über mich vor ne überteuerte paywall gestellt zu werden. 70€ im Jahr!

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  1. Probleme, mit denen Benutzer wie Sie konfrontiert sind, sind eine gute Möglichkeit, die Aufmerksamkeit auf Nibble: Your Bite of Knowledge Mit der Kraft der Menge zu deinem Problem.
  2. Wir haben ein System entwickelt, das versucht, mit einem Unternehmen in Kontakt zu treten, sobald ein Problem gemeldet wird. Bei vielen gemeldeten Problemen werden die Unternehmen definitiv zuhören.
  3. Wichtig ist, dass Kunden von anderen Kunden lernen können, falls das Problem ein häufiges Problem ist, das zuvor behoben wurde.
  4. Wenn Sie ein Nibble: Your Bite of Knowledge Kunde sind und auf ein Problem stoßen, ist Justuseapp möglicherweise nicht die schnellste und effektivste Methode, um das Problem zu lösen, aber Sie können zumindest andere vor der Verwendung warnen Nibble: Your Bite of Knowledge.

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