Pluralsight: Learn Tech Skills Bewertungen

Pluralsight: Learn Tech Skills Bewertungen

Veröffentlicht von on 2021-01-21

Pluralsight is the technology skills platform to build in-demand tech skills
with access to thousands of expert-led videos courses, downloadable content,
certification prep, and more. Explore online courses in: Software
Development: • Learn programming in C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Pyth...

Pluralsight: Learn Tech Skills Bewertungen

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    Good update

    The performance is now very good since the last update. Before that the app would take very long to load.

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    Stucked on every Video. When downloading a chapter, it is sometimes possible to watch a video, when switching back and forth. No autoplay of the next video though and then stucked again with “Loading...”. Very poor app. Shouldn’t have passed the testing phase.

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    Annoying feature

    The rate box just won’t go away. Annoying.

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    App crashes when screen flips.

    The app crashes when screen flips in playback mode.

  • durch

    anoys with continuous review pop ups ...

    ... so here you have your review. one star (for now)

  • durch

    Super content

    Super Kurse und die Möglichkeit alles auch offline zu sehen.

  • durch

    Funktioniert nicht

    Die App bleibt einfach direkt nach dem starten über 2 Stunden lang bei "updating catalog" hängen. Viel mehr kann ich leider nicht dazu sagen.

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    Lange Ladezeit

    Pluralsight an sich ist Top. Desktop funktioniert wunderbar. Aber die App lädt sich tot bei den Kursen. Ob die Kursübersicht oder zwischen den einzelnen Modulen, es braucht ewig zum laden. So kann man das nicht benutzen.

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    The miserable user experience

    The app doesn't offer a way to browse courses by the product, product version, level, subject, role or any other criteria. Instead, one first needs to search for something and only then you can filter the search results, but see below for the caveats. This makes it impossible to browse for e.g. all advanced courses for .net architects. It would be great if one could create a saved query like that and be notified when the new courses appear that meet the query criteria. Furthermore, the taxonomy used to filter the search results based on roles, tools, subjects to learn and certifications is a mess, there are many terms that offer no value at all, redundant terms, missing terms etc. which makes finding the right courses very difficult. Lastly, the app doesn't offer the learning path option that used to be available on the website, which was a great way to learn a complex subject by combining multiple courses in a particular order. All in all this app makes it very difficult to take the full advantage of the ever growing course collection and essentially needs a total rewrite of the course search/browse modules to be of any use.

  • durch

    Easily Nr. 1

    I have been using Pluralsight extensively for the past years . They have been updating their content, delivery methods and features continuously. The app is a good addition to an overall excellent experience. Happy to pay my subscription !

  • durch

    super buggy

    Maybe the developer of this app should take some time and spend it on some swift or objective-c courses on pluralsights. The app keeps crashing on reopening and deletes all downloaded data or can't find it anymore.

  • durch

    Almosen Perfect

    Great App with all the functionality I wish for. Only rare crashes every now and then need to be fixed. Though it has gotten much better with recent updates. Thanks

  • durch

    Instant Knowledge ... well done!!

    I like the Pluralsight courses, because I don't want to waste my time by searching the whole internet for some webcasts, that cannot compete with their quality. And now I can enjoy them even on my iPad. You get the fifth star, when the publish date of each course is visible and could be used to order by. So I could see what is the newest content in general, and what is most recent for each category.

  • durch

    UI gets better all the time!

    I really enjoy the new table of content solution in this update!

  • durch

    Cannot use app

    The app crashes if "start course " is clicked. Thus it cannot be used at all. This app is complete crap!

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Ja. Pluralsight: Learn Tech Skills is legit, but not 100% legit to us. Zu dieser Schlussfolgerung wurde gelangt, indem 818 Pluralsight: Learn Tech Skills Benutzerbewertungen durch unseren maschinellen NLP-Lernprozess geleitet wurden, um festzustellen, ob Benutzer glauben, dass die App legitim ist oder nicht. Basierend darauf beträgt, Justuseapp Legitimitäts Wertung für Pluralsight: Learn Tech Skills Ist 34.3/100.

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Pluralsight: Learn Tech Skills funktioniert die meiste Zeit. Wenn es bei Ihnen nicht funktioniert, empfehlen wir Ihnen, etwas Geduld zu üben und es später erneut zu versuchen. Kontakt Unterstützung.

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