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Solitaire King is a skill-based game combined with PVP gameplay to be more interesting. You can take full use of your strategy battling fairly with players from all over the world anytime and anywhere! All players in one tournament will be matched within the same skill level, and you will share the same deck and same time limit. So better skills and strategies help you get higher scores and then win more prizes here. HOW TO PLAY -Move all cards to foundation pile, stacking them by suit and in sequence of A to K. -Drag cards in the tableau (seven piles that make up the main table) to build sequences in descending order and alternating color (K to A). -If you can no longer move any of the face-up cards, you can always tap the stockpile to see if it has any good cards for you to play. -Keep moving cards from the tableau to the foundation piles, and stacking them up until you reach the highest possible card in each pile. -The faster you clear the board, or the more cards you moving to the foundations – the higher your ranking will be on the Leaderboard, and the bigger the prize! -Not all games can be solved! If you're out of moves, tap "FINISH" for maximum time bonus. THRILLING FEATURES -Take part in multiplayer tournaments and win grand rewards -Leaderboard with super jackpot pool! -Each round only takes 5 minutes and finish earlier for higher score -Collect awesome daily gifts -No need to wait for opponents -Play with no distracting ads -Undo moves LEADERBOARD By constantly playing different modes to win crowns, you can enter the leaderboard. The higher you rank, the more abundant prizes you will get. TURN YOUR SKILLS INTO SUPER JACKPOT! Download now to start your harvest journey! CONTACT US -Website: -Email: [email protected] -Facebook:

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