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USING diese App IS EASY With diese App, paying for parking is as easy as driving in and driving out. Just open the app and sign up by adding your license plate and payment method. JUST DRIVE IN AND PARK Just drive in to any diese App location to start your visit. You'll receive a notification that you've arrived. TRANSPARENT PRICING With diese App, parking rates and price estimates are available before you park. Once your visit starts, you can extend your stay or change your payment method remotely. JUST DRIVE OUT TO PAY When you've finished parking, just drive out to pay automatically. We'll send you a receipt after every visit, and you can access your complete parking history at any time. FIND FREE OR DISCOUNTED PARKING Look for a diese App sign at participating retailers near your parking location. From your visit page, simply scan the QR code to apply the discount. You'll see your parking price adjust right away in the app. EASY TO NAVIGATE You can use diese App when traveling and renting a car. Just add the rental to your account, assign an end date, and we'll automatically remove it when you're done. FIND diese App IN YOUR CITY Nashville, Houston, Los Angeles, Detroit, Austin, Roanoke, Knoxville, Denver, St. Louis, Kansas City, Memphis, Salt Lake City, Miami, San Francisco, Washington DC, Charlotte, Dallas, Cleveland, New York, Chattanooga, Seattle, Sacramento, Louisville, and more. Not all features available in all markets. NEED HELP? Contact help@diese or visit help.diese Interested in deploying diese App technology in your facility or real estate portfolio? Learn more at https://diese

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