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Receipt Scanner funktioniert nicht

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Our receipt scanner automatically scans receipts, crops and extracts key
information. Saving you time and organizing your business receipts and expenses.

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About this app

Let Easy Expense simplify your life by keeping your expenses and receipts organized.  Easy Expense is perfectly designed for self-employed contractors and consultants to track their expenses on the go.  Our receipt scanner automatically scans receipts, crops and extracts key information.  Easy Expense’s use receipt scanner to start saving time.  With Easy Expense you can scan or take photos of receipts to be stored in the app forever.  Saving you time and organizing your business receipts and expenses.  Easy Expense has a simple and intuitive design which will allow you to start tracking your transactions in seconds.  Receipts can be group into expense reports which can automatically be sent for approval or billed as an invoice.  Easy Expenses export feature allows you to email yourself or your accountant a CSV file of the quarter or years expenses.  Unlike other expense apps, Easy Expense works offline and automatically syncs and secures all of your data to the cloud.  Once you start logging expenses helpful charts and analysis will be custom created to help you manage and calculate your expenses.  With more intuitive UI and faster scanning it's a simple choice, Easy Expense is the best.  Lose your phone, no problem; simply log back into your account on a new device and all your receipts will be synced. Get organized today!  Simply hold it above a receipt and watch as it magically detects, crops and automatically extracts the key information from a receipt.  Our receipt scanner uses advanced OCR to crop and extract information.  Gone are the days of saving and losing 100’s of paper receipts. 

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