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Do you want to design your own weapons from the movies and games? Using this avatar maker, you can easily design swords that look like they would be used in a fantasy world. Sword Maker" allows you to create cool swords illustrations with easy and intuitive operations. You can use your illustrations as a wallpaper. Illustrations can be created in the next step 1. Select the blade 2. Select the flange 3. Select a pattern 4. Select the head part 5. Select and place the decoration You can choose one size for each part. You can also paint it the color of your choice! Cute swords decorated with hearts and star jewels Swords adorned with runes and other ancient decorations A glowing, futuristic sword. Horrible swords decorated with skulls and other scary motifs Let the sword crafting begin! Illustrations created can be saved in PNG format. If you have any other ingredients you'd like us to add, please let us know! * Saved image information is saved in the terminal. The information cannot be restored once the app is deleted. ==================================================================== Illustrations created with this application can be used by individuals, corporations, commercial vehicles, and non-commercial vehicles as long as they are used except for [Prohibited matters]. There is no problem if you use it on SNS or video posting sites. You can freely edit and process it for any purpose other than [Prohibited matters]. However, there is no transfer or transfer of copyright depending on the presence or absence of processing or the degree of processing. You do not need to contact us when you use it. The copyright of all illustrations created with this application belongs to Mittland Story Co., Ltd. The Company assumes no responsibility for any problems that may arise from the use of the images. 【Prohibited matter】 Illustrations created with this application will not be used in the following cases. Use for purposes contrary to public order and morals Aggressive, discriminatory, sexual, or radical use that damages the image of the material Use related to antisocial forces and illegal activities Redistributing and selling the material itself as content and products When the author deems it inappropriate

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