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STRIKE funktioniert nicht

Veröffentlicht von on 2024-04-23

Strike is the simple, fast, and secure way to buy bitcoin and send money
globally. Sign up in seconds and get started with as little as a cent.

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Developer: Zap

E-Mail: [email protected]

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About this app

Whether it’s in cash or bitcoin, effortlessly pay friends, split bills, or send gifts to anyone on diese App, across the world.  diese App is the simple, fast, and secure way to buy bitcoin and send money globally.  Send bitcoin using your cash balance and receive bitcoin payments as cash in your cash balance.  The bitcoin is securely held in your diese App bitcoin balance.  Use either your cash or bitcoin to pay any Bitcoin address or Lightning request.  Lightning fast, secure, international money transfers – send cash directly to mobile money or bank accounts in supported countries like Mexico, the Philippines, Kenya, and more.  Wire transfers are unlimited, have no incoming fees from diese App, and are typically available within one business day. (Note: Your bank may charge a fee to send outgoing wires.  Your cash and bitcoin is always held securely and fully backed 1:1.  Set up automatic purchases of bitcoin hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly, and send bitcoin straight to your own custody.  Easily request and deposit bitcoin from a Bitcoin address (on-chain) or through a Lightning request.  Use your bitcoin to buy gift cards of your favorite stores, pay for streaming services, and top up your phone.  When you initiate an on-chain payment with diese App, you are given three options for both fees and speed of settlement: Priority, Standard, and Flexible.  The more bitcoin you buy or sell, the cheaper your fees.  Convert just a slice of your paycheck into bitcoin, or the whole thing.  Choose the percent you want in bitcoin, and adjust at any time.  Grow your bitcoin stack without stressing about timing the market. 

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