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Über: SportsEngine an NBC Sports company is the leading provider of web software and mobile apps for
youth, amateur and professional sports.
Hauptsitz: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.

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PM-International is one of Europe’s largest direct marketing companies in the areas of health, wellness and beauty. We offer high-quality nutritional supplements (the FitLine series) and skin care (the FitLine skin series).

PM-International was founded in 1993 by the executive chairman of the board Rolf Sorg. Our family-run company, which among other accolades, was elected as one of the TOP100 medium sized German companies for 11 consecutive years is distributing its quality products in 40 countries worldwide.

The company PM-International AG is not listed on the stock exchange. It is an economically independent family-run company with a solid financial base. Our equity ratio is around twice as high as the average capital base of medium-sized German companies. For 11 years in succession we have been elected as one of Germany’s TOP-100 medium-sized companies*. Our annual turnover is around $833 million. The company headquarters is in Luxembourg.

Our products are not available in retail stores but you can purchase them via the Internet and from our Distributors.

* Ascertained among the companies taking part in the competition.

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