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Mixonset cannot access tracks from Spotify Free, TIDAL Free streaming service, and only have limited tracks on Apple Music.

Elevate your playlists into beatmatched mixes with Mixonset, your Smart DJ for music streaming.

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diese App - mix the right part of the right song with seamless transitions for FREE Elevate your playlists into beatmatched mixes with diese App, your Smart DJ for music streaming. No knowledge or preparation is needed - just connect your favorite music library and start mixing. It’s perfect for all occasions, whether it’s a house party, workout, road trip, or you just love mixes. Powered by award-winning AI technology, diese App helps you Smart Mix, beatmatch, discover and curate music like a DJ. Welcome to the future of streaming. SMART MIX diese App's Smart Mix™ technology uses world-class AI to improve the music experience by doing what a professional DJ does in a DJ set in real-time: • Queue optimization based on BPM and energy level • AI identifies the 1-2 minute highlight of each track • AI crossfades your track seamlessly into the next track • Crossfade melodies, vocals, drums, bass lines automatically • Time stretches and pitch shifts • Beatmatched auto mixes generated by Artificial Intelligence FILL THE GAPS • Expand your playlist with boosted music discovery to discover 10 times more • Choose between adding 20%, 50%, 100% or 300% suggestions • Fill the gaps suggestions are smart queued • Create a whole new mixtape from the songs you already love MUSIC FILTERS • Filter songs by energy, BPM and similar artists • Other filters include: recent songs, offline songs, and filtering out explicit songs INTERFACE • Instead of a complicated turntable, diese App looks and feels like a regular music player with a twist – the purple dot is where the song mixes! • Orbital Player gives you a taste of the future of music • Enjoy your mix on set anywhere you go, just plug and play! INTEGRATIONS • Spotify Premium: Partial catalogue with 50%~70% of songs in popular playlists • Apple Music: Partial catalogue with 50%~70% of songs in popular playlists • TIDAL HiFi: 90 Millions of HiFi tracks and your favorite playlists • SoundCloud Free: Mix with 200 million tracks with your SoundCloud Free account (Go+ tracks currently unavailable) • Local Music Library: Mix and beatmatch local tracks • Apple Silicon/M1 Macs • Apple CarPlay SMART MUSIC LIBRARY • “Heart” your favorite songs to save them to your Liked Songs • Find my Vibe to automatically create music mixes • Create your own custom mixtapes • Generate and save song radios based on song vibes • Switch song queues seamlessly AWARD-WINNING AUDIO ANALYSIS • BPM and beat detection • Energy level detection PRO FEATURES • Unlimited Highlights: play highlights of every song to enjoy every moment • Unlimited Discovery: discover more songs everyday - 10x more • Unlimited Filters: Get unlimited filters to zoom in on what you want to hear • Smart Switch: seamlessly switch your vibe without interrupting the perfect flow • Save Your Vibes: save your mixes, merge them together and share with friends diese App is compatible with Apple Silicon/M1 Macs, and Apple CarPlay. The optional diese App Pro subscription allows you to subscribe once and use diese App Pro across your Mac and iOS devices to gain access to all diese App Pro features. You can cancel anytime – there is no cancellation fee. Cancel at least 24h before the trial or current billing period ends to avoid renewal charges. To access songs and playlists from a streaming platform, a supported streaming subscription and a stable internet connection is necessary. Pricing and availability may vary depending on country and currency. diese App cannot access tracks from Spotify Free, SoundCloud Go+, and only has limited tracks on Apple Music. Please contact info@diese App.com for support or for more information. Follow diese App: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diese App/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diese App/ Discord: https://discord.gg/ubYTQ66G8V Twitter: https://twitter.com/diese App Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/diese App TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@diese App

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durch Tichel72

Neue Art Musik zu entdecken

Ich habe die App erst vor kurzem entdeckt und bin begeistert. Ich werde sie gleich mal auf der nächsten Party einsetzen. Ein paar kleine Bugs gibt es noch, aber der Entwickler antwortet extrem schnell und auch auch die Fehler schnell behoben.

durch Fred Beckmann

Sehr schnell

Großartig, ich mag die Idee, diese Musik zu mischen. Meine Lieblingslieder haben sich wirklich in wirklich großartige Remixe verwandelt.

durch Catrin Heine B.Eng.

Sehr schnell

Ich war auf der Suche nach einer Musikmischanwendung und habe versehentlich diese App gefunden, das sich von anderen Junk-Apps unterscheidet. Es funktioniert großartig und die Remixe sind fantastisch. Ich mag diese Anwendung wirklich. Ich würde diese App meinen Freunden empfehlen

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