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P.volve’s home workout app offers everything you need for incredible results: an extensive library of on-demand workouts and a wide-range of clinically backed series that range from strength to cardio, recovery and more.

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Welcome to the method designed to reduce everyday pain and build total-body strength. P.volve’s home workout app offers everything you need for incredible results: an extensive library of on-demand workouts and a wide-range of clinically backed series that range from strength to cardio, recovery and more. Our method pairs low-impact, functional fitness with resistance-based equipment to activate and strengthen every muscle while improving mobility, stability and balance. BACKED BY EXPERTS Our Clinical Advisory Board and team of trainers work together to develop a wide range of series based on your individual needs, limitations and preferences. Personalize your routine with series that can help you: • Get started with our method and equipment kits • Work through sensitivities and injuries in the lower back, hips, knees and more • Modify workouts as needed with small adjustments to keep you moving • Optimize pelvic floor health for proper function through strengthening and releasing programs • Keep moving at every stage of pregnancy with pre and post-natal workouts • Get in sync with your body by matching your workouts to the ebb and flow of your menstrual cycle UNLIMITED WORKOUTS ON DEMAND Get access to hundreds of workouts, with new videos added every week. Filter workouts to find what works best for you and your fitness goals according to: • Class type: Our class types work together to bring you a well-rounded, holistic routine. -- Strength & Sculpt: Strengthen and tone your entire body with a low impact workout -- Cardio Burn: Increase the intensity and work on heart health -- Recover & Stretch: Use deep stretching techniques to increase flexibility and restore the body -- Mat Definition: Build ultimate core strength with Pilates-inspired workouts • Length: Find videos ranging from 15-70 minutes long to work best for you and your schedule. • Equipment: Get moving with workouts using your favorite pieces of equipment or no equipment at all. • Focus area: Keep working toward your goals with workouts that strengthen and reduce pain throughout specific areas of the body. And more... PERSONALIZE YOUR ROUTINE Curate your own plan by favoriting the workouts you love, joining a series and tracking your progress along the way. Stream to your favorite casting device for anytime, anywhere workouts. Plus, use weekly and overall workout stats to stay accountable. “Before P.volve I thought I simply had chronically tight hips that would never change. After the very first workout, they felt noticeably more open. After about 3 months I noticed my shoulder pain--which I’ve had since a teenager--was completely gone. The lower back pain from carrying a toddler and preschooler all day was gone. And I’m more flexible than I’ve ever been.” - Kristina M “P.volve is an essential part of my physical and mental health regimen. I am significantly more flexible, I am moving with more range of motion and with less pain, and I am appreciating the physical changes I’m seeing in the mirror.” - Saudia B “I love the variety on the app for streaming! My joints and muscles will be thankful they are not worn out years down the road.” - Emilee J HOW TO JOIN & ACCESS THE APP • New here? Download the app and get started with a 14-day free trial for full access to our method. Then, choose a monthly or yearly digital membership starting at $14.99 per month. • Existing P.volve members get unlimited access to the app. Log into your account for complete access. Please note: Offline downloads, “customize my workout plan” and video search capabilities are no longer available with new home workout app download.

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durch LinaderAffe

Really cool!

Really good app. It's easy to control it and every touch is really intuitiv. The only thing I'm missing is with the workout plan. Why would you recommend a workout for which I don't have the essential equipment? There was survey which equipment I have. Please correct that.

durch LukkaShine

Service is the WORST

I bought a beginners kit that promised 1 month of free streaming. Got the kit, did not get the streaming. Contacted them many times. 2 emails, 2 facebook messages, 1 Instagram message and NO RESPONSE. Very disappointed with their unprofessional behavior

durch lara_scn

Lose the program hate the App

I love p.volve and every workout from them. But the app does Not work at all....

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