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SSH Files funktioniert nicht

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Lightning fast SSH terminal with remote file access. No other app fuses your SSH
servers and iOS devices as well as Secure ShellFish.

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Developer: Termius Corporation

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: SSH Files Website besuchen

About this app

Terminal supports standard text editing gestures for selection, scrolling and copy/paste as well as custom gestures to send arrow keys and tabulator making shell entry and full screen editing with vim or emacs delightful.  Upload files or entire directories from the share sheet with minimal friction as the last destination directory for each kind of file is remembered or automate file transfers in the Shortcuts app.  Select and drag filenames out of the terminal as actual files and drag files from other apps into the terminal to upload.  Use built-in tmux support to persist terminal sessions if you lose Internet access, pick existing sessions with thumbnails and Handoff sessions between devices.  Server file system is available in the Files app and recently accessed files and directories are cached to make them available when offline.  Use apps like Textastic and iA Writer for a native editing experience working on your remote server files.  Lightning fast SSH terminal with remote file access.  No other app fuses your SSH servers and iOS devices as well as Secure ShellFish.  Bar above the keyboard makes it easy to type special keys and insert snippets.  Connect to your Mac, Synology NAS and any other SSH server or create new Digital Ocean droplets or GitHub Codespaces right from the app.  Secure ShellFish is useful as a free app and paying pro users can disable ads in the terminal, upload through the Files app and configure unlimited number of servers. 

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