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PLEASE NOTE! Brave Nine, the tactical SRPG gacha game from NEOWIZ, is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money.

Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Brave Nine.

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■ Go beyond time to the past and meet Frellea and Eda! Check out Frellea before she started to despise the humans and Eda before she lost her powers! Enjoy the story that goes beyond time and abundantly available strategies! Feel the essence of Turn Based RPG with Mythic Mercenaries! ■[Origin Server Only] Grow once more with a brand new Jump-Start Quest renewed for 2022! Collect 4 Legend Mercenaries at Skill Level +9 without waiting, all at once! Legend Skill Book, Legend Companion Gift Selection, and 5 Stars Companion Selection Ticket! Experience the essence of collector RPG with the Jump-Start Quest that came back stronger than ever! ■ The truth behind The Day of the Eclipse The Battle' where everything is at stake will begin! - On that day, I lost two fathers. Unfortunate Crown Prince who cannot reveal his identify after losing all of his followers. Can Adel prevent the schemes of connecting the path to the 'Night World'? - Will 'The Battle' end in a total destruction? NEW FEATURES ● Distinguish yourself in the World Arena while battling players from around the globe! ● Continue your adventure and flex your chess-like wit with new levels of Evil Castle! ● Customize your collection of heroes even further with all-new Companion units! CLASSIC FEATURES ● Battle players from around the world in real-time turn-based combat ● Master your tactics with more than 1400 stages and hundreds of unique units ● Complete bounties to unlock rewards and collect and upgrade powerful new heroes ● Construct your ultimate formation to defeat your opponents ● Explore chapters of engaging storyline to reveal a deep fantasy world with every episode ● Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top of the leaderboards ● Form a Guild to share strategies and build your very own community ● Challenge your Guildmates and friends to private duels ● Collect upgrade materials with ease using auto-deploy and repeat battles ● Learn formations from top players and cheer on your favorites in monthly Tournaments

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durch Blablatzff

Eines der fairsten und besten gacha Games

Als jemand der schon viele solcher Games gespielt hat,muss ich sagen dieses Spiel macht mehr richtig als falsch. Werde es sicher länger suchten!

durch Michael wegler

Viele Events und kein P2W

Das Spiel macht wirklich sehr viel spaß und man erhält am laufenden Band Diamanten, Beschwörungsrollen oder sonstige gute Items durch Events, sodass man sein Geld garnicht erst investieren muss um vorran zu kommen.

durch Dorschs

Ganz normal

Die Droprates sind völlig normal, glaubt nicht jedem der hier Rumseins :-)

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