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Über: LogMeIn provides SaaS-based remote connectivity, collaboration, and support solutions for businesses
and consumers.
Hauptsitz: Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

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NOTE: To use this free application, you must first have a GoToMyPC subscription on the computer(s) you want to access.

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diese App gives you the freedom to go anywhere you choose and connect right to your Mac or PC. To use this free app, you must first have a diese App subscription. ******** “If you want to access your computer remotely, this app is your best bet.” – LAPTOP Magazine “diese App is definitely a hit in the business world. It's simple, clean, and gets to the point.” – HotHardware ******** GETTING STARTED IS EASY 1) Download the diese App app from the App Store. 2) Make sure you have diese App installed on the Mac or PC you want to access. 3) Tap the diese App app from your iPad or iPhone to access your computer. Your computer is always just a few taps away. diese App is… Convenient • Use your computer wherever you take your iPad or iPhone – meaning everywhere. Simple • Instantly access any application or file on your Mac or PC. Reliable • diese App is famous for its reliability and free 24/7 Global Customer Support. FEATURES • Instant access to all your files, programs and network • Works seamlessly with your existing firewalls – no need for special configuration • Precision mouse control so it’s easy to tap the details • 300% zoom to see details and work without straining your eyes • Full keyboard functionality, including special keys like Alt, Ctrl and Tab • Fast, auto-corrected typing with the Preview Text feature • Copy and paste between your computer and apps on your phone • Hear sound coming from the computer you are accessing (PC only) • Multitasking capability • Keyboard Locking and Screen Blanking on the computer you access (PC only) • Multi-monitor support • 128-bit AES encryption, dual passwords and end-to-end user authentication • Connects over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks • Bluetooth keyboard support NOTE: To use this free application, you must first have a diese App subscription on the computer(s) you want to access. ********

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