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Statista Daily Data provides you with unique, data-driven insights - giving you a deeper understanding of the world’s most important topics, every day. In addition to Statista’s regularly updated feed of infographics and informative videos – for free (no in-app purchases) - Daily Data also offers these key features: EDITOR’S PICK Specially curated by our Lead Editor: Get the facts behind one of the biggest stories of the day. A multifaceted deep dive that does more than just bring you up to speed. FAST FACTS & QUIZZES Improve your general knowledge with our daily nuggets of enlightening information and challenge yourself with our numbers-based quizzes. SAVE & SHARE Save and share your favorite statistics and create your own collections to easily organize and rediscover the data that matters most to you. PERSONALIZE Stay up to date on the topics that matter most to you. A simple tap of the notification bell for any of our 100+ categories means you'll be informed as soon as something new is published.

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