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Wo Sekunden Leben retten können, liefert unsere durch die Google Cloud gehostete Notfallalarmierungsplattform automatisch Ihre zeitkritischen und potenziell lebensrettenden Orts-, Kontakt-, Motorrad- und Gesundheitsdaten innerhalb von Sekunden nach einem Unfall direkt an die Rettungsdienste.

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Seconds save lives. Our accredited motorcycle accident detection and emergency alerting system automatically connects you to the nearest ambulance service in your time of need. Specifically tailored for motorcyclists, Triumph SOS monitors key sensors in your smartphone to detect and validate an accident. If an accident is detected, an alert is triggered and sent to the emergency services based on your GPS location. Triumph SOS is available to all riders, whichever motorcycle you ride. Download now and enter your Triumph VIN to unlock 3 months’ free access to accident detection. The Triumph SOS app is an essential part of your safety kit. Get total peace of mind protection while riding in the UK, North America, Europe, Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand with this accredited accident detection and emergency alerting service – all for one fixed monthly premium. Where seconds can save lives, our Google Cloud-hosted emergency alerting platform will automatically deliver your time-critical, and potentially life-saving location, contact, bike and health data directly to the emergency services within seconds of an accident. Triumph SOS has approval to automatically call the emergency services directly in the UK, North America, and Canada, and via a Bosch partnership in other supported markets. To prevent accidental triggering, it includes sophisticated auto-pause technology, allowing you to fully focus on your ride. Triumph SOS does NOT however record, store or send speed-related data to anyone. If an alert is triggered and you do not require assistance, the emergency call can be easily cancelled at any time. Accident Detection Benefits - Approved to send emergency SOS data to Emergency Responders across North America, Europe, ROI, Australia and New Zealand following extensive integration and compliance testing. - Certified by the UK App Accreditation Scheme to directly connect to the Emergency 999 Service. - Uses proven technology developed over years of real-world riding. - Includes auto-pause technology to prevent accidental triggering. - Provides uninterrupted accident protection while traveling between all of the supported territories. - Automatically delivers your contact, location, bike and health data directly to the emergency services if you are unable to call for help. Triumph SOS offers you the flexibility of monitoring your ride with or without accident detection. Riders can choose from 3 options: 1. Accident detection only 2. Accident detection and route recording 3. Route recording only In addition to accident detection and alerting, the following free features are also included: - Worldwide route recording with auto pause and photo capture. - Share your routes and photos of your adventures with friends in-app or via social media. - View full screen routes with ride stats including distance, ride type, estimated duration and elevation. - Export & share GPX files of the routes you ride. - Edit previously uploaded routes. - Trim your route's start & end points (or both). - Explore, discuss, share or save routes to ride. - Filter community recorded routes based on length, duration, ride type, most ridden and more. - Add bikes to your profile, review ride stats and connect with friends. - Create, manage and invite your friends on Group Rides. If you’re riding in a group and get separated, Group Riding shares your location with the group in real-time, improving the safety and enjoyment of your ride outs.

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