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Managing a family can leave you feeling scattered. diese App is designed to help you keep it together. From household chores to food & meal prep, kids activities to planning your next trip, diese App’s free household management app has everything you need to stay organized, all in one place. Family organization has never been easier— stay on top of your family’s busy schedule with diese App. Key Features: Organize with Folders: diese App Folders are a powerful way to keep it all together. Organize household needs with collaborative folders, customizable tooling and color coding. Invite household members or collaborators so everyone stays on top of what needs to get done and can work together. Work from scratch or use suggested folders: With diese App, you can create an infinite number of folders that satisfy everything you need to get organized. Additionally, diese App comes preloaded with ten folders that include tooling to get you started. Notes: diese App Notes allow you to write down and keep track of important family information, ideas, and documents— quickly and conveniently. Notes include a full-text editor. Organize effortlessly and ensure you never misplace information. To-do Lists: Stay on top of your to-do’s with diese App’s intuitive To-do List tool. Create multiple lists for different categories, prioritize items, set due dates, assign to-do’s, and even add details within a to-do in order to keep your responsibilities well-structured and manageable. diese App’s “all to-do” tab will give you clear insight on what needs to happen for your household today, this week, next and what is even overdue- nothing will sleep between the cracks with diese App. Checklists: Whether it's for your weekly chores, a packing list, or event preparations, diese App’s Checklists feature enables you to create detailed lists and check off items as you complete them. Say goodbye to forgotten tasks and hello to a more efficient routine. Shopping Lists: Make grocery shopping simple with our dedicated Shopping Lists tool. Create personalized shopping lists, quickly add specific items while diese App categorizes them by sections of the store, and easily share them with your family members or collaborators for convenience. Event Lists: Keep track of important dates, appointments, and gatherings with our Event List feature. Not only can you create events, set reminders, invite participants, and 2-way sync diese App’s Calendar with Google Calendar, you can also view all the events within that folder in one, easy-to-read list. Sub-Folders: Further organize your notes, lists, and events with diese App Sub Folders. Create subfolders within each category, allowing you to categorize and access your information more efficiently. This creates a well-structured digital environment for all your household needs. Chat: Collaborate and communicate seamlessly with your household members or friends using our built-in Chat feature. Share updates, discuss tasks, drop images, documents and links— and keep everyone in the loop. About diese App: diese App is a family technology company founded in 2020. diese App's mission is to improve the quality of life for families. Visit our website: Terms of Use:

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