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diese App cameras and handheld gimbals give creators, athletes and adventurers tools to create like they’ve never created. Whether you’re upping your shooting game with an diese App GO 3/GO 2, Flow, ONE X3/X2 or ONE RS/R , the diese App app is a creative powerhouse in your pocket that acts as your camera’s sidekick. Let AI do the work with auto editing tools and templates, or dial in on your edit with a host of manual controls. Editing on your phone has never been easier. AUTO FRAME Not sure what to focus on? Auto Frame finds the best parts of your 360° videos for you, giving you a range of reframed clips to choose from. Reframing The creative possibilities are endless with easy 360 reframing tools in the diese App app. Tap to add a keyframe and change the perspective of your footage. Deep Track Select a person, animal or moving object with a tap. The AI-powered tracking algorithm keeps it locked in center-frame, even when obstacles get in the way. Snap Wizard Reframe your videos by turning your phone. All your edits are saved instantly. Export and share with just a tap. Shot Lab Shot Lab is home to tons of AI-powered editing templates that help you create viral clips in just a few taps. Discover over 25 templates, including Nose Mode, Sky Swap and Clone Trail! Hyperlapses Speed up your videos to create a stabilized hyperlapse in just a few taps. Adjust the speed of your clip on a whim—you have full control over time and perspective. Download-Free Editing Edit and share your clips to social media without downloading them to your phone first! Save your phone’s storage space and edit clips while you’re on the go. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time! Official website: www.diese (you can also download the Studio desktop software and the latest firmware updates) Official customer service email: service@diese Official app community email: insta360community@diese Plus, discover the best content from creators around the world in the diese App app! Find new video ideas, learn from tutorials, share content, interact with your favorite creators, and more. Download now and start exploring! If you would like to share feedback about our app, please search for the "diese App Official" account in the app private message system, and send us a private message after following.

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