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Common Snapchat Issues

    Review by Christian Boolang
    I hate the swiping up on subscriptions

    i love everything about snapchat but one thing i can’t stand is going through you subscription story’s and seeing a interesting story’s that end up being 20 pages, but i’m complaining about the ads all around the screen, they make everything so glitchy. now i know this isn’t really snap chats problem but i hope they can make my time on their app more stress free by making it smooth and not frustratingly hard to read a article. look i was just talking a Urbo how many times will you fall in love quiz and me going through the questions when the page is super glitchy and it makes me click the wrong answer and then i can’t change it and has to restart, this is ridicules. then i finally got through almost all the questions and was at the final question and the screen went white. i tried to do anything in my power to save the progress but it didn’t do anything and i lost it. i just wanted a simple answer to how many times i would fall in love because snap chat hasn’t yet fixed this problem i felt the right to report this. and i know giving snap chat a one star is not the best thing to do if i love everything else in the app but i hope this will be seen and fixed as soon as possible so i can take my quizzes quick and smooth. Thank you

    Review by MacKayla Keyte
    unable to use

    hi. i had 2 factor authentication enabled due to someone logging into my account in february, and today i decided to turn it off because it was getting super annoying. i went to turn it off, and it said i was disabling, but it was taking super long so i just swiped out. then, my snapchat started to not work by saying there was no connection when i knew there was. and so i deleted the app, restarted my phone, and did all of that and it wouldn’t even let me into my account. i can’t even explain how frustrated i am right now. there is a lot more to it but i’m having trouble even typing because if this isn’t fixed, i would have lost every single memory since 2017, along with pictures and videos of my now deceased grandpop, which are the only pictures that my family has of him. i have logged out like 6 times since this problem and each time, i get a message saying “could not connect”, and then i have to change my password in order for me to able to get back into my account. my private stories are gone, all my snapchats are gone, and no stories are gone. my memories aren’t loading either and i’m getting no notifications. i did get 2, but when i would rap the notification to open the app, there would be nothing there. FIX IT. I AM VERY VERY UPSET.

    Review by Disgruntled Snapchat User 55
    Terrible content forced upon users

    I love the primary function of Snapchat. But there should be options to customize a feed. For instance, some people (although I’ve never met them) probably like official stories and enjoy seeing them. Someone like me who hates official stories and thinks that they are biased, misleading, complete wastes of time and that they lower millions of IQs every day, would appreciate an option to hide all official stories because I don’t care about celebrities, crazy people seeking validation or loudmouths trying to get my attention. I just want to communicate with my friends. You might respond “oh, you can hide stories you don’t like”. Well I tried hiding all stories I don’t like but more kept popping up in the “Discover” section, stories that I hated even more. Just make an option to hide official stories, it’s that simple. I’m talking an option to completely hide them from the app. I think I’ll probably delete Snapchat sooner if nothing changes and I hope you realize it’s a shame that you’re indoctrinating young people like me with the most mind-numbing, useless content around. On a positive note, you do have at least one good official story: “Snapped in the Wild”. Who cares about some brainless instagram model when you can watch animals rip each other to shreds. Thanks.