Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture Critiques

Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture Critiques

Publié par on 2020-12-23

Named one of 10 Best iPhone Apps and featured by InStyle, The Guardian, Brit &
Co, and many more! Glow Nurture is the world’s most advanced and
comprehensive pregnancy tracker. Powered by data, designed for simplicity, this
app rewrites the rules for what a pregnancy app should be. It i...

Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture Critiques

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    Bien mais...

    Pas en français. Dommage.

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    Appli extrêmement bien conçue, interface intuitive, suivi facile, plein d'infos utiles! La meilleure pour moi

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    This app was great! But then they made every article only premium so I wouldn’t recommend it!!!

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    Super appli

    C'est l'appli la plus complète que je connaisse. Seul bémol, il faut comprendre l'anglais

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    Great app a little too invasive

    This app is really a great way to get information about pregnancy and better than any books you can buy but I must say that it has a tendency to be a little too moralizing and not quite adapted to who you are... for example everyday it asks you if you have done your kegel exercises... I asked my coach what that means and he laughed and said "you definitely won't need to do those because you are very fit it's for women who do not exercise a lot" and no one tells you this in the app. So everyday I have to select that I don't do my kegel exercises and everyday some very annoying tips come up about how important they are. Well they are not important if you are a very active woman (which by the way you mention in your information). There are other invasive comments like every time you say you did not exercise today it tells you how important it is to exercise.... im like... I exercise a LOT' if I have an off day that's healthy. So the tips are fab sometimes but there are other things that really instead of helping it just annoys you because you know it's aimed at everyone and not just your info that you entered. :)

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    C était très utile. Je recommande !!

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    Amazing and indispensable

    Every pregnant women should have this app, it is incredibly helpful and funny, a real community

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    Really enjoy

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    Please fix it!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

    Icons "poll, post, photo" are extremely annoying when they appear while scrolling the community. Argh

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Est Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture Sûr?

Oui. Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture est très sûr à utiliser. Ceci est basé sur notre analyse NLP (Traitement du langage naturel) de plus de 29 avis d"utilisateurs provenant de l"Appstore et la note cumulative de l"Aappstore de 4.6/5 . Score de sécurité Justuseapp pour Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture Est 52.3/100.

Est Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture Légitime?

Oui. Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture est une application totalement légitime. Cette conclusion a été obtenue en passant 29 Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture avis d"utilisateurs via notre processus d"apprentissage automatique NLP pour déterminer si les utilisateurs croient que l"application est légitime ou non. Sur cette base, Justuseapp Score de légitimité pour Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture Est 52.3/100.

Est Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture ne fonctionne pas?

Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture fonctionne la plupart du temps. Si cela ne fonctionne pas pour vous, nous vous recommandons de faire preuve de patience et de réessayer plus tard ou Contacter le support.

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