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Venice tides is an intuitive and friendly way to get updated about ‘acqua alta’ phenomenon in Venice.

It uses (cute) illustrations to show you - at a glance - what level has reached the water at the moment and when the next tide will occure. Either if you want to enjoy acqua alta or avoid it, this is the app for you!

If you’re staying in Venice for more than one day, don’t worry! By rotating the device, you will get forecasts for the next few days, too. And there’s more: you can customize your app by setting the ‘acqua alta’ warning level to the same height of the streets where you live or work.

· Check out the ‘acqua alta’ on the go. Is the water already close to the street level?

· Control height and time of the next tide. Do I have enough time to reach my hotel before the next acqua alta?

· Be prepared thanks to tides forecasts for the next three days

· Customize your app by setting the ‘acqua alta’ warning level as you please

· Get push notifications when the water floods the streets


Try the full version of Venice tides to receive push notifications about supernormal tide events!


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