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À propos: Eversnap enables users to share photos and albums online through their smartphones.
Siège social: Sunnyvale, California, United States.

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Privately share all your photos or videos among a group of friends, event, wedding party, bachelorette party, or birthday party.

Collect all your guests' photos and videos from a wedding party, event, or bachelorette party all in one online album.

Over 100,000 groups and events have used Eversnap to share all their private photo and video in one private folder.

Eversnap is better than any other app because:

* Eversnap allows to you share your private photos and videos with your friends

* Access all your private photos & videos. As long as you have internet you can login to view your photos.

Eversnap has been featured by top newspapers and magazines inside U.S. and around the world.

Wedding, Reunion, Family, Group Travel, Camping, Birthday Party, Bachelor Party, or many times just to share private photo & video between family members and close friends in a private folder.

Eversnap is the world 21st century photo booth & disposable camera. With Eversnap's real-time guest photo slideshow everyone can also see their photos live on a screen during the event.

How does it work?

1. Create an Album

2. Invite Friends through SMS/Email

3. All Photos & Videos that everyone takes through the app will instantly get saved inside a private collaborative album.

Get your wedpics and videos all in one place.

"Eversnap gave us more than 400 photos & videos through

my wedding party that otherwise we wouldn't have had... Everyone thought it was the coolest idea!"

- Stephanie Zhang, Jan 2015, Austin, Texas

Haut Eversnap - Event Photos Critiques

  • Par liopix

    Excellent pour le partage de photos.

    Ergonomique et facile à mettre en ouvre.

  • Par Malox1984

    Ultra pratique et très facile a utiliser!

    Ultra pratique et très facile a utiliser!

  • Par petitefleur256

    Great for business

    We use it to share our pictures on companies events like kick off or annual conference.

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