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À propos: OpenWeather is a tech company with strong expertise in Big Data technologies, Environmental data
science and Remote sensing.
Siège social: London, England, United Kingdom.

Comment ça fonctionne

1. OpenWeather App is an ad-free & free-to-use application that will help you plan your time around the weather in a concise and minimalistic manner.

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Détails du produit et description de OpenWeather

A scientific yet simple approach to weather forecast

OpenWeather App is an ad-free & free-to-use application that will help you plan your time around the weather in a concise and minimalistic manner. Be aware of any precipitation within an hour with a minute precision or plan your activities for the next Sunday morning. OpenWeather App can tell you, which part of the day is going to have a clear sky and light breeze in your local area.

Who uses OpenWeather?

The data from OpenWeather is used by millions of developers and businesses worldwide. Most likely, you already see our data through your weather application. Now you can obtain your weather report from its inception, through OpenWeather App.

8 reasons to love OpenWeather App

1. Minimalistic design that gives you all the weather information you need including: Feels Like, wind speed; wind direction; atmospheric pressure; humidity; UV index and visibility;

2. Never get caught by rain or snow with the 60 minute chart that indicates any precipitation and it’s intensity in your area;

3. Hourly weather chart for the first 2 days and for every 3 hours in the following 6 days;

4. Expand any day of the week and get a visual chart on temperature and detailed weather information for the day, plus Sunset/Sunrise time;

5. Customisation feature for weather measurement units. Construct your own set of preferred measurements for temperature (°C/°F), distance (km/mi), precipitation (mm/in) and more;

6. Widgets for current weather and weather forecast for 4 hours;

7. Dark-mode;

8. Ad-free & free-to-use.

Other features:

- Add up to 6 cities to your favourites and get the accurate weather forecast for any location;

- Is the weather different? - You can always tell us what the actual weather is in your location.

The magic behind the OpenWeather App

All the data for OpenWeather App is provided by One Call API™. OpenWeather aggregates and processes meteorological data from tens of thousands of weather stations, on-ground radars and satellites to bring their users accurate and actionable weather data. It also uses a powerful geocoder to provide the hyperlocal weather forecast for any place in the world for any location worldwide.

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