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1. You need at least one working Pi-hole instance for this app to function, and you must use Pi-hole Version 5.1 or up.

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Pi-hole Remote lets you quickly enable/disable your Pi-hole, as well as add domains to your whitelist/blacklist and view statistics such as top allowed and blocked domains!

*Disable Blocking*

Quickly disable blocking for a few minutes with only a few taps. You can even use Siri Shortcuts to disable blocking with your voice! If you have multiple instances, you can disable blocking for all of them with one tap.

*Statistics & Queries*

Look up what domains are queried most on your network, as well as clients that send out the most requests. See queries sorted by domain, client, or type. You can even view a Live Log that shows requests in real-time!

*White & Blacklist*

Quickly add new entries to your lists inside the app or with the iOS Share Extension.

*Homescreen Widgets (iOS 14)*

Choose from a wide range of homescreen widgets that show statistics or a query-graph. All are customisable with a wide range of options!


iPhone & iPad features:

- Disable Pi-hole blocking

- View basic & advanced statistics

- Add domains to your whitelist or blacklist

- Full Query Log with search & filters

- Live Log which shows queries in real-time

- Support for up to 4 Pi-hole instances with combined statistics and queries

- Support for scanning Pi-hole token QR code

- Support for SSL, reverse proxies, and alternative Privacy Levels

- Homescreen Widgets (iOS 14)

- Siri Shortcuts & Quick Action

- Share Extension for quick white/blacklisting

- VoiceOver support

- Dark Mode, custom color schemes, alternative app icons

- Optimised design for iPadOS

- Clean and modern 100% SwiftUI design

Apple Watch features:

- View basic statistics

- Disable Pi-hole blocking

- Complications

Apple TV features:

- View basic statistics

- Disable Pi-hole blocking


- Total Queries

- Queries/Percentage Blocked

- Blocklist + Gravity Last Updated

- Temperature & Memory Usage

- Graph Queries Overtime

- Top Allowed Domains

- Top Blocked Domains

- Top Clients

- Unique Domains/Clients

- Clients Ever Seen

- Queries Per Domain/Client

- Query Types

- Pi-hole Version

- API Info

- DNS Cache

* The in-app-purchases are only there for the Tip Jar, to support future development of the app. This is completely optional.



You need at least one working Pi-hole instance for this app to function, and you must use Pi-hole Version 5.1 or up. Find out more about Pi-hole at https://pi-hole.net/.

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