Scanner :PDF Scanner App Critiques

Scanner :PDF Scanner App Critiques

Publié par on 2021-01-10

Vous avez souvent besoin d'un scanner?Mais c'est maladroit, et certaines choses
ne fonctionnent pas exactement comme vous voulez? Essayez notre scanner
intelligent sur votre téléphone.Le scanner intelligent est très pratique à
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Scanner :PDF Scanner App Critiques

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    Love it

    Easy, quick scans. Best for expense reports.

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    Muy buena

    Me gusta

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    Best scanner app on the App Store.

    In high school, many of my teachers required that written work be submitted online, requiring us to go to the library outside of class time. Additionally, when I was apply to scholarships and colleges my senior year, I had a plethora of papers, forms, and applications, all of which had to be somehow scanned at turned it online. Before I downloaded Scanner Pro scan, I was wasting ample time and effort. After downloading it, however, work became much more convenient and much less frustrating. I am now in college, and this app still works perfectly. I highly recommend Scanner Pro scan to anyone who is currently on the market for a scanner app. If you like free and functional, this app is for you.

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    I don’t ever buy apps

    I must say I never buy apps, but this is worth every penny! Mine auto exports to google drive, I can even search for text On google drive from my PC or any device and find receipts! Well done developers! Request: when adding a receipt it gratefully shows all the recent Tags / stores that I use so I don’t have to type them again. However the stores I use the most, are the ones I used right when I installed this app, and they are ALL the way to the right. I have to scroll all the way over to get to most commonly used Tag. Actually quicker to retype Tag. Could you please enhance Scanner Pro Scan so Tags are automatically sorted by most recently used? Thanks so much!

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    Invaluable App in a digital and paper world

    I stumbled upon this application when looking for a fax solution. The fax application/service is great for anyone who DOES NOT WANT a fax machine and still deals with offices using decades old tech to send information. Now THIS application has become absolutely invaluable to me. I often need to send forms to multiple people for signatures while out and about, and the scan and email function is so easy and efficient, I started using it even when in the office with an old school scanner around. The folks putting these applications together are the Scanner Proes behind the name for sure.

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    This is my first time ever reviewing something but this app deserves my first review. I am working on a book and I wanted to add pictures to it but I am not able to draw digitally, I looked up how to convert traditional art to digital and you have to spend hundreds of dollars on a scanner! I looked for an app that would scan my art and I found this. It took me a while to take the perfect picture but once I did I was able to add it into my book, I’m going to use this app often.

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    I am loving this app!!!

    I’ve been using the free version of Scanner Pro Scan for only a couple months now and DARN-IT! (I actually want to use a similar expletive but I’m keeping it clean ?) … I wish I had known about this app years ago!! Seriously, it’s changed my document creation and retrieval life forever! And in a good way!! Ok, that’s enough explanation points. Just download it and give it a whirl. You won’t be sorry. Oh yeah, make sure you take some time to explore ALL the settings and menus too!

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    Excellent-friendly-easy to use!

    Excellent excellent app and super easy to use!

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    Awesome App

    This is my first ever app review but I had to make a point about how good it is. While I’m using the free app and will start using it now for almost all work related travel expense reports, I appreciate how it’s free and you can take a picture of multiple invoice and turn them into a pdf file. Will probably pay for the other versions once I learn all the kinks I just wanted to communicate my thoughts to the community out there. Thank you for making a free app.

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    Excellent Functionality!!

    Scanner Pro Scan meets and exceeds expectations in an exceptional manner. It does all of the mechanics of the scanning process for you, i. e., capturing, straightening, saving, compiling, and allowing for easy exporting, etc. All one has to do is point to the document(s), and Scanner Pro Scan does the rest!! Five-plus stars!! I immediately upgraded to the (+) version. The value for the price is exceptional too!!

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    Perfect for on the go copying!

    I use this for work and for personal. A great way to get copies of important documents from clients when I am working in the field! The new feature to upload directly to OneDrive is especially useful! I also really like the auto scan feature. It’s quick and very accurate. I barely have to do any cropping.

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    5/5 - I’m dumb

    I changed my rating from below because I’m dumb and I didn’t see the recrop option in the ‘magic wand’ effects settings. Previous review: Has difficulty scanning some objects that have ringed binding. Overall, great scan quality for quickly throwing together needed copies of guides for lessons. I request the option to scan edges of documents by making a draggable point that users can touch and hold to move to the corners of the paper. The app really struggled with the inside edge of a sketchbook. That being said, it is a very useful tool. Good work. I will update my review if the functionality is improved or the scanning AI improves in relation to this issue.

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    Novice scanner delighted

    The ease of this app is important because I want to easily import and store receipts and anything else worth saving. It has a feature to tag with names to identify the image. I still don’t know how to upload it straight to a program that wants these images but For now I email it all to myself and go from there.

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    Business owner

    Scanner Pro scan has been one of the top three apps for my private practice for the last 8 years. No need for a big scanner! At the click of a button it keeps documents organized, at my fingertips, and easy to share when needed. I do not know how I would function without it.

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    Great App, Great Support Team Response Time

    This is a great app. I keep my scanned music scores filed under a tag, and when jamming with friends, it’s a great way to share sheet music on the fly. AND, the support team’s response time is terrific! I’ve had to ask for help for some glitches related to my phone update, they responded in less than a few hours.

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Est Scanner :PDF Scanner App Sûr?

Oui. Scanner :PDF Scanner App est très sûr à utiliser. Ceci est basé sur notre analyse NLP (Traitement du langage naturel) de plus de 2,834 avis d"utilisateurs provenant de l"Appstore et la note cumulative de l"Aappstore de 5.0/5 . Score de sécurité Justuseapp pour Scanner :PDF Scanner App Est 65.4/100.

Est Scanner :PDF Scanner App Légitime?

Oui. Scanner :PDF Scanner App est une application totalement légitime. Cette conclusion a été obtenue en passant 2,834 Scanner :PDF Scanner App avis d"utilisateurs via notre processus d"apprentissage automatique NLP pour déterminer si les utilisateurs croient que l"application est légitime ou non. Sur cette base, Justuseapp Score de légitimité pour Scanner :PDF Scanner App Est 65.4/100.

Est Scanner :PDF Scanner App ne fonctionne pas?

Scanner :PDF Scanner App fonctionne la plupart du temps. Si cela ne fonctionne pas pour vous, nous vous recommandons de faire preuve de patience et de réessayer plus tard ou Contacter le support.

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