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Real-Time Weather Forecast provides you accurate weather information instantly no matter where you are.

Main Features:

- Timely and accurate overall weather condition: real-time temperature, weather, temperature range, etc.

- 24 hours forecast: provide 24-hour forecast about temperature and weather.

- 10 days forecast: provide 10-day forecast about temperature range and weather.

- More information: sunrise time, sunset time, humidity, precipitation probability, visibility, wind speed, sensible temperature, etc.

- World-wide coverage: covers tens of thousands of cities and towns all over the world.

- Accurate location: automatically locate your position.

- Custom notification: make you aware of the weather of the place you concern about.

- Clear UI and intuitive navigation.


- Swipe up and down for more information

- Swipe left and right to switch location

- Add more location with the button on the left top corner

- Change the unit in settings(metric unit/English unit)

How Weather Forecast helps:

- Travel Preparation: Before you book your tickets or hotels, you can check the local weather, and decide when and where to go first, weather you should take some thick clothes with you.

- Weekend Plans: You may wanna go fishing or go to beach or go hiking if the weather is fine, and stay indoor with your friend due to some bad weather. So use this app before you make a move.

- Your Outgoing Choice: You may wanner wear waterproof shoes and take an umbrella with you if it may rain.

- Other Activities: outdoor games, sports, lawn care and more

- remind your friends the upcoming bad weather by Facebook, twitter or Instagram and show how much you care about them

No matter you are a traveller or house wife or outdoor enthusiast, Weather Forecast is your loyal helper. Weather Forecast, your personal weather steward!

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