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1. With the help of this astronomy app you’ll discover the dates of the twelve zodiac signs and observe amazing 3D models of constellations, look at them from aside, rotate in different directions, zoom in and out and check them out on the night sky.

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What zodiac sign were you born under? Interested in astronomy or astrology? Love observing the night sky full of constellations and stars?

With this astronomy app, you will discover the dates of the twelve zodiac signs and observe amazing 3D models of constellations, look at them from aside, zoom in and out, rotate in different directions, and check them with the star patterns in the night sky.

Enjoy the 3D models of 12 zodiac signs:

◆ Aries

◆ Taurus

◆ Gemini

◆ Cancer

◆ Leo

◆ Virgo

◆ Libra

◆ Scorpio

◆ Sagittarius

◆ Capricorn

◆ Aquarius

◆ Pisces

Even if you are not an astronomy lover, you will definitely enjoy contemplating zodiac constellations in this app. Stunning graphics and visual effects of our 3D models of constellations will blow you away.

By the way, did you know that...

The zodiac, the 12 signs listed in a horoscope, is closely tied to how the Earth moves through the heavens. The zodiac signs are derived from the constellations that mark out the path on which the Sun appears to travel over the course of a year. You might think that dates in a horoscope correspond to when the Sun passes through each constellation. However, much of the time, they don’t because astrology and astronomy are different systems.

Please note that this astronomy app includes only 12 constellations; you can find all 88 constellations in Star Walk 2, one of the most popular stargazing apps. If you love exploring the stars and the night sky, this is a must-have astronomy app for you.

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