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Prepare to crush your upcoming CPA Exam!

Becker’s new interactive mobile game experience is the latest innovation in learning. In Accounting for Empires™ , students compete individually or as a group to correctly answer CPA Exam style questions in order to build their empires.

Personalized Learning -

Candidates can select the quiz content along with the rate of questions in the key areas where they need the most help.

Strategy and Knowledge -

Players are incentivized to demonstrate their skills through a combination of game strategy and knowledge. Questions are answered to earn resources to build an empire. Players can create alliances, conduct espionage or challenge other players to increase their resources.

Becker Innovation Ensures Success -

By including game interaction into the CPA Exam Review, Becker gives candidates a sense of connection with other students, increases user engagement, helps create greater confidence, higher pass rates and overall student satisfaction.

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