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About: WEUNGRY is Powering the Global On-Demand Food Economy. Digital Food Ordering Marketplace & Food
Delivery Platform. WEUNGRY Digital Franchise
Headquarters: Florida, Canarias, Spain.


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2. What is Little Caesars?

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1. Apple Pay? Touch ID? Favorite store selection? It’s all there and MORE! And did I mention we now deliver? Hey, that’s Little Caesars 2020! Go! Download the app.

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Product Details and Description of Little Caesars

If you love pizza, you've come to the right app. AND WE DELIVER! Sorry, couldn’t wait to get that out. This is the app that can make you a pizza artist. Create your own masterpiece online and then get it delivered. Yes, we now deliver! I know, right?! Or use Pizza Portal® Pickup. Add your favorite toppings on the whole pizza…and maybe others on half. Want extra sauce, light sauce, no cheese? Sure! Why not?! Throw caution to the wind. Just use the custom pizza builder and choose OPTIONS. Create it. Buy it. Have it delivered. Apple Pay? Touch ID? Favorite store selection? It’s all there and MORE! And did I mention we now deliver? Hey, that’s Little Caesars 2020! Go! Download the app. Use it now to create your favorite pizza.

Top Little Caesars Reviews

  • By Endo Tech

    Pizza portal

    I have enjoyed using the pizza portal. My order has always been accurate. There have been many times after work, and I’m too tired for human interaction and having the option use something like this pizza portal has proven stress free. I’m still welcomed with a quick friendly greeting but I quickly grab my order and I’m on my way. For times at the location I frequent that there are no parking spaces, the capability of being able to retrieve my order through the drive thru has been absolutely wonderful. My only suggestion for the pizza portal itself is to make the compartments a little bigger. It can be a little difficult retrieving an order that is slightly bigger without hitting the hot grill/grate the food rests on. I’d hate for someone to get burned then they have a lawsuit against them. But OTHER THAN THAT, the pizza portal is a FANTASTIC IDEA! Something I will continue to keep taking advantage of in the future.

  • By MericanBlueLine

    Little Caesar’s App- A++++++

    Convenience, easy use, food always ready! The Little Caesar’s app has always been very easy to use, very convenient and my food has always been ready on time or early and placed into the pizza portal ready for me to pick up, which is wonderful because the food is always warm and ready when I arrive as the pizza portal keeps it warm for you! The Little Caesar’s app is without question the best restaurant/ food app out there due to its convenience, easy use and never having any issues with ordering my food and having it ready when I arrive! Other restaurant apps I have experienced issues with from ordering my food, to paying for the meal and trying to use a different credit card then the one “on file”. With the Little Caesar’s app, I have never ran into any issues whatsoever! A++++

  • By Lisa-Lisa's Pizza-Pizza

    Online ordering with the Little Caesars’ App

    I was in a thousand hurries after working all day, running errands, and purchasing some last minute party supplies for my 14-year-old “grand-cousin”! I was dreading using the Little Caesars’ app because I’ve used other apps that have been difficult to navigate. Imagine my ultimate surprise when I registered, ordered exactly what they requested from our favorite Pizza place, and paid in the blink of an eye! It was ready, hot and the gentlemen behind the counter were so nice! They offered to take all those pizzas and extras to my car! Everyone loved the food and that made our time together even more enjoyable! Oh yeah, I’ll be back....and ordering with my newly-favored app!

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