Microsoft Office Lens|PDF Scan Reviews

Microsoft Office Lens|PDF Scan Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-23

Office Lens trims, enhances and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents
readable. Office Lens can convert images to editable Word and PowerPoint files
too. Office Lens is like having a scanner in your pocket. Like magic, it will
digitize notes on whiteboards or blackboards. Always...

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Microsoft Office Lens|PDF Scan Reviews

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    I’ll keep using my old scanner app

    I received a great promo for Lens because I have an office subscription. It made me want to love Lens. But Lens is lacking features that I use all the time when scanning documents. The biggest problem is that it lacks important editing features, such as the ability to change a color document to B/W, and the ability to lighten or darken a document. Second, when I input images from my device (camera roll) into Lens, I must do it one page at a time. I am used to being able to select a number of images at once. (I use that scanner feature frequently to combine PDFs. (I convert the PDFs to images, and then bring the images (PDF pages) into my scanner app and make a new PDF.) Lastly, my old app will capture a page as soon as it detects the edges, without my having to touch the shutter button, but Lens doesn’t. That feature makes it easier to hold the device while scanning and it allows me to scan multiple pages quickly. Lens might offer new functionality for people who want to scan whiteboards. I don’t know and I don’t need that ability. For those of us who deal heavily with documents, Lens needs to step up its game. I can already easily send scans to one note (as an image or a pdf) so switching to Lens would not help me. I will hold off using Lens for now.

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    Really great

    I rely on this app exclusively for PDF conversion and OCR capabilities together with my OneDrive account.... One big functionality missing is ability to choose destination folder when uploading this to cloud and optionally choosing a more descriptive file name... Alternatively or in addition to choosing destination folder it would be nice to be able to open whatever folder the file has been uploaded to in the native OneDrive app to be able to rename the file or move or copy it to another folder.

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    This app is horrible

    Upon initial installation, this app was my lifeline for college assignments but the more I used it the less functional it became. It started without being able to connect to my OneDrive, and then losing camera functionality altogether and now it won’t even run when I try to start it. Absolutely disappointed with the app at this point EDIT: I got a developer response so this is my reply, I’m on iPhone 6s Plus on the latest OS. (Not sure what the number is specifically). I have had camera issues in the past so I don’t believe it is your app not being able to open my camera. But when the app does work, it won’t save any PDFs to my one drive. Even if I uninstall and reinstall. Also even when it doesn’t open my camera, I still have the work around of going through to my camera library, but ever since the last update, the app won’t process me clicking the icons and takes forever to even open it. I’ve never had issues with device operation other than the camera being buggy but all my other apps work fine with no lag whatsoever

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    It Works

    I was actually impressed by this app. I usually use my normal camera to take notes for class, but this app enhances that. The most impressive thing I noticed about this app is how you can easily take a photo from the sides and it straightens it out with no image issues whatsoever. A minor issue I did notice however is that the user would have to manually turn off the Auto setting for the flash for every picture they wish to take. While this might be helpful for lighting in photos, sometimes in certain situations (such as a dark classroom) the flash would not be appreciated by others and forgetting to turn it off might be a little embarrassing. Other than that, this app seems very well made and works as directed. Five stars from me.

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    Not what it used to be

    This has been my go-to app for some time now, and I ever since I began using it, I became a huge fan and have gotten many friends and colleagues hooked on this app. It used to be a 5-star app, but over the past few months it has become hit or miss on scanning documents. When in document scan mode, you visually see it detect all the edges properly; however, when you snap the image oftentimes it now cuts off a significant portion! What gives? I have deleted and reloaded the app, updated iOS, reviewed all settings, and it continues to happen. Previously this worked like magic. I didn't have to be careful of the angle or anything. I could quickly scan any document without fuss and it worked all the time. Sadly it's now less than 50/50 on capturing the entire document (despite it showing the correct edges onscreen). I am truly sad.

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    Was Great... Once

    Maybe it’s because my ancient 3 year old iPhone SE updates are interfering; maybe it’s because Microsoft’s updates are making bad things happen, but this once perfect app is no longer so wonderful. The orange outline disappears the moment the shutter button is pressed and the result is haphazard at best. The image captured may be what the entire viewfinder was showing, a portion of what was outlined the split second before the shot was taken or if you’re lucky, you got what you expected. It now takes at least 3 or 4 tries to make a usable image and more than once, I’ve discovered too late that an image I thought had covered the entire document was in fact, cut off at some random line of text. Time for me to start seeking another app. 2 stars because it kinda works... if you’re patient, willing to make several attempts and stay aware.

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    Receipts and More!

    Of the all the receipts I have already scanned and are still finding, although I no longer work where I used to, as far as their reimbursable policy goes, whether the supplies that, were needed I did not put in for, end up being a post employment donation to write off next year come tax time or they cut me a check, this application is so awesome! Even more awesome is the fact that it is not only for receipts and has different settings for documents, business cards and others! Impressed - does not do this awesome app justice. Surprised by this additional excellence from Microsoft - not in the least! Thank you!

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    MUST ADD - Import Business Card Scans directly to Outlook

    App works great for scanning documents, but for those of us who have a stack of business cards that we want to scan to Outlook contacts, the process is way too complicated. You can scan the business card to OneNote only and in order to then get it to Outlook you must get to a PC, download the scanned card from OneNote (App or Online) to the PC as a .vcf, then open Outlook and import as a separate file. COME ON MICROSOFT!!!!! Now that Office 365 supposedly allows these office apps to work with each other as never before; it seems being able to scan, save, and import from one Microsoft app to another should be much easier. This app should remove my need to purchase a third-party piece of scanning hardware in order to get business cards into Outlook.

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    Great, but serious obstacles...

    This app was a lifesaver for expense receipts when I first started using it a couple years ago. I still use it, but I have 2 major complaints: 1) Using it on an iPhone, the app does not stay logged into my Microsoft account, so almost every time I scan something, I have to retype my password to send to OneNote or OneDrive 2) Saving as PDF or to files is not easily accessible The above to problems make me look for a new app every month or so, but it still solves my needs better than others. I love how easily I captures docs for work and home. I just get annoyed at the extra steps I need to take because they can’t solve the login issues

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    One of my Primary Apps

    This app is fantastic, use it all the time. Quick, simple, and gives quality results ever time. Even when documents are at an angle and lighting is not what it should be you still get a good result and perspective corrected. The interface for saving, could be improved, bit confusing to get use to and we’re it is going to be saved. But once learnt it is fine and taking quick scans to default location is simple. Changing names latter, is ok but could be improved UI wise Still it is very much a 5 star app!!

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    What happened?! It was great!!

    This app was a life saver when for a whole month intensive course of sight translation from English to Spanish and my prof never gave me a heads up on what text pages to adapt for my print learning disabilities!! I needed to have OCR STAT! Then I was able to easily enlarge the text and spaces between the lines and more!! If it wasn’t down I lost the whole class period of note taking, scribbling in key legal and medical terms that can’t be done with Microsoft nor G translate! Did mention it was a 4 week class vs 16 weeks!? I went to use it just now, with a text book page of grammar, the Immersive Reading feature distorts the text, and removes bold print of words. PLEASE please help! And I will happily change my stars and review. I am an adult with print and related dyslexia issues.

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    Where the Heck is Local Storage?

    Update: As promised, I’m updating to 5 stars since magically the ability to delete local scans mysteriously appeared. Thank you. I like this app. But please tell me what I’m missing, since these questions appear simple and I could not find the answers anywhere. I save scans to pdf and specify iPhone local storage. Then I send to Dropbox. When I’m done, there does not appear to be a way to delete the PDFs in the app, short of deleting the app and reinstalling. Yes - I tried holding, and swiping every which way. As for where on the iPhone these scans are stored locally, no one seems to know. I’ve looked in Photos, Files and every other location and can’t find where they are stored. This seems a simple question, but Googling this I find others are similarly frustrated. Am I missing some obvious usage paradigm? I’d give this five stars if I could just delete scans from the app.

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    Cannot handle Impressionism/Pointillism

    Several museums, multiple failures. Can’t render fine brushstrokes or subtle detail of many impressionist paintings (driven crazy by Monet) taken at museums where it’s allowed. Pointillism will come out looking like random clusters of dots separated by big white areas. End up using the regular camera for these. Works fine for others, although the colors tend to look too bright and more exaggeratedly gaudy than in reality. Do not like how it cuts off parts of picture frames willy nilly. If there are more than one flyers posted, it can’t seem to allow you to pick just one to image. Gets confused. This app is nice when it works, but it could use a lot of refinement.

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    Used to be perfect...

    Office Lens has been one of my favorite apps for a long time. I use it mainly for whiteboard pictures and scan documents and receipts. It worked flawlessly for a long time. I can’t understand why break something that works great? One of the many updates all of a sudden makes Lens to not auto-detect the correct doc size anymore. 90% of the times it crops it wrong. This used to work perfect everyday. I’ve tried of course with different backgrounds and light conditions and angles so I’m convinced it’s something in the app. Still a great app but sad to see an app like this to go down from amazing to ok.

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    Utterly useless

    Downloaded to use the OCR capabilities. No explanation how to use them seems to be available anywhere in the app. I assume you have to save it to Word...which A-HA!!! I can’t do unless I have or create a Microsoft account. I have an account that I used for Skype, but the app won’t take it...maybe it’s not the right account. Dunno, don’t care. So I create a new Microsoft account, but it still won’t take. Created and verified the account, but I go to add it to the connected accounts section, it never adds...just takes me back to the connected accounts section. About typical for a Microsoft, but the features you really want to use...don’t...and cuz some other unnecessary, idiot feature doesn’t work.

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Is Microsoft Office Lens|PDF Scan Safe?

Yes. Microsoft Office Lens|PDF Scan is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,178 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Microsoft Office Lens|PDF Scan Is 39.8/100.

Is Microsoft Office Lens|PDF Scan Legit?

Yes. Microsoft Office Lens|PDF Scan is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,178 Microsoft Office Lens|PDF Scan User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Microsoft Office Lens|PDF Scan Is 39.8/100.

Is Microsoft Office Lens|PDF Scan not working?

Microsoft Office Lens|PDF Scan works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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