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About: Ancestry is a website enabling users to create their own family tree and help them discover,
preserve and share their family history.
Headquarters: Provo, Utah, United States.


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1. • View your communities and learn more about the people, places, and migration paths of your family.

2. • View your ethnicity estimate and learn more about your geographic origins.

3. • Share your ethnicity estimate with others from anywhere, including on your social networks.

4. • Find others who have DNA in common with you and discover how you’re connected.

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this app® analyzes your genes to help you discover your ethnicity, communities of origin, family heritage, and DNA matches. Here are some discoveries you can make on the app after you’ve purchased an this app® test: • Your origins in over 1,500 regions around the world. We analyze your DNA for clues and estimate where your ancestors were living generations ago. • The migration paths of your ancestors. See how they might have moved from one place to another over the centuries. • New relatives with DNA matches. Our advanced technology allows us to compare your DNA results with that of other this app® members to find family connections, from immediate relatives to distant cousins. • Personal traits. Add Traits to your DNA results to see how your genes could influence 35+ fitness, nutrient, sensory and appearance traits. Combine this app® with an Ancestry® membership to access records, build your family tree, and make even more personal discoveries. Easily purchase this app® on the app or on our website. We’ll send you a DNA kit that includes a sample tube, a pre-paid envelope to mail in your sample, a unique activation code, and instructions for how it all works. Use the this app® app to: • Activate your DNA test. • Get status updates while your DNA test is being processed. • View your ethnicity estimate and learn more about your origins. • View your communities and learn more about the people, places, and migration paths in your family’s past. • Easily share your ethnicity estimate with others, including on your social networks. • Find new relatives who share your DNA and discover how you’re connected. • Buy an this app® kit for someone else. Download the this app® app to start exploring your genes and more, today! View our Terms and Conditions at: View our Privacy Statement at CCPA Notice at Collection

Top AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing Reviews

  • By RōbloxPro12

    Short Wait

    I am super happy with the wait time on this! I have not gotten my results yet, but only has taken about two weeks for the final product! It took four days to be shipped from my house to their lab. It went from their lab to sample being processed in two days. From the DNA being processed, it took to days to go to the next stage, DNA extracted. Four days later it went from the DNA extracted, to the DNA analyzed stage! It took I think five or six days to finish DNA analyzing stage. Now all I have to do is wait a couple of days and my results will be ready! Thanks Ancestry! (By the way, I bought this on the $60 sale, I expected the wait time to be WAY longer since it said the processing would take about 6-8 weeks, and since there was a sale going on, I thought it would take even longer, since there was a sale and the demand was probably high, it only took about two weeks! WAY LESS THAN WHAT THE WAIT WAS!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!

  • By windrider991

    So Happy that I checked my DNA Story!!!

    When my wife Kristal and I had our DNA checked out with this app, I had no idea at all, zero, none at all that I had any Irish in my DNA profile, and not only do I, it’s the Majority single contributor to it!!! This knowledge spurred me on to find my Irish relatives, again whom I never was told anything about, at any time, and behold I found her!!! My Great Grandmother Mary Carr was from Ireland, and she had emigrated to Canada with John Maves, a German. Their daughter, Kathryn Maves is my Grandmother on my mom’s side of the family! This years was the first year that I was able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, knowing that I am actually Irish too!!! O the joy of it all!!! Not only am I Irish, I also have English, Scottish, and Welsh too!!! Absolutely Thrilling!!! Thank you this app!!!

  • By Anna May AMJ

    Missing piece to my life-puzzle found

    I never thought this could/would happen: Almost three decades ago when I learned my biological mother’s name and subsequently met over 60 of her relatives, one of them told me what she knew of my biological father which was he had sons. As my busy life moved along raising my children, career, and so on, I figured it was unlikely if I did have brothers that I would ever know them. He was in his late 30’s when I was born and given up for adoption. Well via Ancestry I matched as “close family” with one of them. Now we are in contact and time will tell how what our future holds. Thank you Ancestry for all your dedication to these important matters. Sincerely, Anna May

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